Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet’s 5th Birthday Party

After much ado, the Fudgelet’s 5th Birthday Party was here and it ended up better than I expected. I was worried with so many people coming, and so many activities, that maybe a lot could go wrong. Everyone made it who said they were coming, and the activities went well, too. Here is a little peek into what we did…

As I was getting the online invites ready to send out, I asked the Fudgelet what kind of card he wanted and what theme he might want…he picked a super hero card at the same time as saying he wanted a super hero theme. So, I started brainstorming ideas and looking up ideas, too.

We decided an obstacle course of some kind would be fun, as well as having capes and masks to give out to the kids.

I was debating having the party outside but the weather was rainy that week and the forecast had also made me nervous, so I decided to just stick with inside so I could do all of the plans.

As people came in, we left the obstacles out of the hallway and just had the decorations up to welcome them in. Then we led them to pick out shields to decorate. I took Spiderman paper plates and taped paper strips on the fronts to be the handles. We had star stickers, comic “sayings” like boom/kapow/etc., and crayons for them to decorate on one of our tables. I set down a tablecloth first so that we could just remove the cloth when it was time to eat later and not have to wash the table again first.

After they made their shields, the plan was to have them go through the obstacle course but they started going through it almost immediately since it was a trickle of incoming guests. I didn’t care since I intended for them to do the course as many times as they wanted.

It started with a “tunnel”:

Then after they went through the tunnel (or around it since I left room for that), they dodged “alien invaders” which were bowling pins we put signs on.

Next were boxes we painted and glued yellow squares on to look like buildings. They had to jump over the buildings (or again could run past them).

Finally I set up painters’ tape at the entrance to the living room that was meant to be like lasers. They could either climb over it, or crawl under it (for the little kids). And again, they could walk around. I wanted to make sure that kids who didn’t want to participate fully could choose their own adventures. In the living room I had the gifts set up for them to choose.

I bought a set of capes that came with matching masks as well as large stickers they could stick on the back of the capes. Then there were super hero slap bracelets, glow necklaces, and more star stickers to decorate their capes/masks.

Once they were all decked out, they could continue doing the obstacles. They are the perfect age for this since the kids were acting out their own stories with their imagination. The kids who wanted to take longer decorating could, and other kids just played with our toys that I left out.

After this I had a pin the star on the Captain American shield for those who wanted to participate.

I didn’t need to, but to help in case it got confusing since I only had 4 colors of stars but 12 stars, I wrote A/B/C on the backs of the painters’ tape.

Not necessary, but it was just in case.

And then after that activity, lunch was ready so we ate pizza and snacks before doing cake.

I made “Thor hammers” with cheese I cut…the pretzel sticks sometimes cracked the cheese, so just make sure you have enough extra in case you care.

Then I also served popcorn I made with nutritional yeast and salt, Cheez-its and Super Hero graham crackers, blueberries and strawberries, and various drinks. For the cake, I made this cake exactly the same but decorated it for the party. I also bought a Costco cake which barely was touched. Soooo next time I will just make a single cake since it was plenty.

I was super proud how smooth I got it since that’s not normally easy for me.

I took marshmallows and melted them in the microwave, then pulled them apart to make spiderwebs…like I did on this cake.

For the “5” we had bought some of Rosanna Pansino’s lightning bolt treat decorations since they were on clearance at the store.

I also added extra sprinkles since the Fudgelet requested it for my cake and the store cake.

After cake the kids ran around some more, and then I also pulled out a Crayola Avengers Color Wonder book. It was perfect because it had larger-sized pieces of paper that were already separated from the book and each kid could get their own. Most of them just sat at the table happily coloring until it was close to leaving time. Then, to help end the party, I dropped the balloons from our balcony upstairs (I had hung up the balloons with painters’ tape and string, and then gave each kid a mini Play-Doh to attach the tape to as a balloon weight).

To help the other kids understand the activities more easily, and knowing that the Fudgelet would be too excited during the party to do the activities fully, I had him do everything an hour or so before the party.

It ended up being really fun and I think the kids had a fun morning.

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