Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 5 Years Old!

If you want to, feel free to go back in time a bit…whether it is 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago, or 4 years ago. Because now, we are at 5 years old! I do believe it a bit more, especially comparing the Fudgelet to the Chiplet. Sometimes I look at him and it’s a feeling of “whoa you really look so much older” and it is exciting that he is a kid and not a toddler or baby anymore.

He has learned so much over this last year. Let’s list off what I can think of:

  1. He can read super duper well. And he does it nonstop. I have to tell him to stop reading constantly (especially when he tries to read while walking up the stairs).
  2. He can write legibly and is learning to spell words on his own.
  3. He is creative with making games, songs, and activities. Sometimes he randomly says “I’m bored” but I just tell him that he can’t be with so many toys/games/people to play with/etc. If he is bored then (I tell him) he must be boring. He laughs at that and then runs off to play.
  4. His emotions are developing so much. Sometimes he is super whiny and worked up about small issues but other times he picks up on more things. He has developed a temper which is different from a tantrum kind of anger. When he gets angry his face changes and I can see future Teenager Fudgelet in there. I usually send him for a time out to cool down, and most of the time we do one where he counts to a number. (Side note, as a bonus he can count up to 200 easily now.)
  5. He is super close to riding a bike with no training wheels. He might already be doing it by the time this posts if we have time to practice more before our vacation. We started with training wheels because there was a free bike in the neighborhood a year ago. Now we took the training wheels and pedals off for him to practice balancing. He is pretty brave about it, which surprises me since normally he is not a risk-taker at all. And, he constantly wants to practice. We told him if he got good then we would get him a nice new bike since his current one is too small now.
  6. In general he has further developed his brotherly skills. It’s a constant work in progress but he is better about managing to fit in independent playtime and still play with his brother who wants to play with him more than anyone else. Sometimes he struggles because he wants the Chiplet to play a certain way and I have to remind him that he is still a relative baby and it’s good he can follow any of the rules the Fudgelet makes.
  7. He is starting Kindergarten in another month and I am a little anxious about him eating his lunch in the short 20 minutes they are given, but otherwise I am confident he will have a great time and not be homesick.

There’s more little things that he can do, too, but I have to say that my mind is a bit distracted because I’ve been working on his birthday party (a super hero theme that I will share ideas for on here soon) as well as a mini birthday celebration for K.

And both of these are right before we leave for an extended trip back to the East Coast. AND that trip includes a beach trip for me and the kids (with my dad and M) and a trip to Portugal for K (his cousin is getting married and for multiple reasons aren’t able to all go, so he is going with his mom). Lots of special packing. In fact, I still haven’t tried on my bathing suit to see if it fits.

All of this can be wrapped up by saying that it’s hard to believe I’ve been a mom for 5 years now, and hard to believe that he is not a super little boy anymore. He was able to reach something at a park the other day, and I was surprised. Another mom was confused, but I said that I’m still used to him being too small for things, so when he is able to reach new climbing walls/etc., it amazes me. Happy Birthday, Fudgelet!

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