Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 20 Months Old!

My last update felt a bit harsh on the Chiplet. Maybe it wasn’t, but I want to make sure I offer up all of the good things he can do now, too, besides the not awesome (sleep, throwing food, etc.).

So, what has he been up to?


He is talking in lots of phrases and even did his first sentence! (“I got a bar” when he went and got himself a breakfast bar to eat.) He still doesn’t say his name but says our names all clearly (he likes to say Mommy at night when he wakes up instead of just screaming the whole time, although he will do that at times, too).

We are still reading a bunch to him. He has favorites he will want read repeatedly, but also likes to “read” them to himself like Fudgelet does. A favorite set of books are I Spy books where he points and identifies different pictures.

Some words are still comically mispronounced (boos for shoes, even though he can make the “sh” sound). Animal sounds are more common than saying the actual animal names (meow instead of saying cat).

I’m also still waiting for “I love you” but he isn’t as snuggly as his brother, so it might take awhile.


If there is a special toy he needs supervision with, you can bet he wants to play with it constantly. There are wind-up toys he really likes but he can’t wind them himself, so we have to do it with him. He also likes playing with pom poms (colorful cotton balls), Lego cars (the little Lego pieces, not the Duplo ones), etc.

He also really loves building, whether it is with blocks, Duplos, stacking toys, etc.

Another favorite playtime activity is coloring. He is always saying “book? color? Mommy! Sit!” although back to the speech section, he says “hit” instead of “sit” currently.


Now Chiplet has settled a bit more but also has temper tantrums at points. Usually it is when he is tired or hungry, like I mentioned previously, but there are a bit more of them than before. Normal for the age, so I’m not concerned. He is pretty good with sharing still and has been more calm with not hitting/pushing/etc. He sometimes is still rough to me but I guess he takes out any frustrations on me. Like when I have to brush his teeth, ooph! He is not happy about that.

He is still snuggly with his brother and likes playing with others, but is also good with independent play.


He is still pretty good with eating, but he still throws his food, plates, etc. Sometimes he is doing so well and then out of nowhere, bam, a ton of crumbs to clean up on the floor.


Not once through the night. ‘Nuff said. For naps, he has been nursing before the nap, then often waking halfway and nursing then, napping more, and then usually wants to nurse after. Sometimes he nurses for a short bit and is good, but other times he needs a lot and then is less cranky.


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