Mixed Bag Mondays: Warm Weather Baking

There is no common theme today. Sorry. I feel like I haven’t been this tired in a long while. Basically, the Chiplet has been continuing to wake up at night, but coupling it with not great naps and waking up super early. It’s been fun. So, my brain is pretty fuzzy. But, I have still been cooking and baking a bunch, so here are some results of those efforts.

Let’s start with the pasta.

There was a recipe that sounded simple but good with pasta, lemon juice, milk, arugula…and I’m sure a few other things that I can’t think of (see fuzzy brain comments above). But…

the pretty arugula turned into this:

And it was way too lemony, even though I cut back on some of the lemon. Not a recipe I will remake.

Now we have this bread. It made me so many loaves because…

It started like this and then

it turned into that not great mess.

I still baked it.

I decided to try again since so many people had luck with the recipe. Keep in mind this made 2 loaves and so making it again meant I had 2 more.

You might be thinking this is better. But if you see the one loaf in the background above, it didn’t rise as well. And neither one was as good as I hoped.

It was decent, but for the work involved, it was supposed to be the super fluffy and almost chewy milk bread that is found in Asian bakeries. This wasn’t even close. I was so disappointed, so I won’t be making this one again.

Now we have this recipe. It was so easy to make and I liked that the Chiplet could have a version of nut butter blondies since it is made with almond butter.

I think my issue was the butterscotch chips. The bars were a bit too sweet for me, and I think it was from them.

So I think I might actually make these again but try without the butterscotch chips. I might also cut back on the sugar some.

They weren’t the prettiest but had a nice moist texture to them. Not dry at all.

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