Mixed Bag Mondays: Curiously Successful

Sometimes I make recipes and want to try making them again not because they were completely satisfactory but because I am curious about how they turned out. This is a bit hard to explain, but basically the recipes are not overly complicated/weird, the end result is edible and potentially pleasant, but there is something not quite right which might require further experimentation.

Let’s start with donuts!

I love all the recipes I make from my Flour Bakery cookbook and on the author (Joanne Chang)’s instagram, she shared them making the donuts in the oven since something was wrong with the fryer, I think. Regardless, I was really intrigued since I hate frying food, so I asked her if she would be sharing the recipe. She said she took her donut recipe and just baked it at 350 until they were done. So, I decided to try it.

First I made the pastry cream filling which was rushed a bit with two kids around, but I did it.

Then I made the dough and let it rest overnight.

Cutting out the donuts was strangely satisfying. The dough was so puffy!

The weird-looking one was the random scraps at the end of cutting out the prettier donuts.

And the result?

Super fluffy…well…rolls? They were sweet but not overly so. Adding a bit of melted butter and a sugar coating added sweetness but with out it, they made really nice rolls. So, I’m tempted to turn this into a roll recipe. We shall see.

Next, let’s look at another dessert that is even easier.

A chocolate pie I made for Pi Day from this site. I liked the recipe because the filling was great for the Chiplet (no dairy worries) and I could make it without a mixer, so I made it during a nap. The pie crust I also made ahead of time so it was ready.

It was good, but I might be of the opinion that fruit pie is better. I know, I know. What is wrong with me? But I just haven’t had the best luck with chocolate pies. And I think I am done making them…for now.

It was good…but it also had sort of an alcohol flavor and I’m not sure why.

But look, I couldn’t even take proper pictures without the Fudgelet stealing the shot.

And now let’s look at a bread from Serious Eats’ writer Stella Parks.

This was for an Irish Soda Bread that is supposed to be super traditional. It seemed like such a failure…

I had no hopes for it.

I figured we could eat rice instead for our side dish.

But somehow this bread which looks super ugly when I made it tasted good. It tastes oddly moist without being greasy or weird. I want to remake it because we liked it, but I’m hoping I could make it prettier next time. I’m sure I messed something up and hope to fix it. But, even as it was, it was delicious.

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