Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 18 Months Old!

Hello hello. It is time to update you on the last 2 months with the Chiplet! He has still been causing quite the stir here. Sometimes he is super sweet and snuggly, and other times he is throwing food and heavy objects. So, you know, all the fun parts of a toddler. He still causes just as much worry as when he was a baby, if not more. I read a post the other day that newborns are the best and it only gets worse. I don’t know if I agree with that completely but I do feel that there are ups and downs with all of the ages. I do like that he can express himself even if I don’t always understand him completely.

Let’s start with the rough…sleep? throwing? moooooooods?

Yeah, the Chiplet can be moody. Especially when he wakes up from his nap. The switch to one nap has been mostly uneventful. He sometimes does a proper nap that is around 1 hour 20 minutes but other times he will wake up halfway and require help going back down, or won’t go back down at all. Then there was the day he didn’t go back down at all because I had to go clean up the Fudgelet’s throw up (ahhh stomach viruses that strike suddenly).

As for his other moods, if he is lacking a playmate he will start acting poorly. Or if he is hungry. The Fudgelet will play with him, but then will often find a book and just switch to independent reading leaving the Chiplet lonely. And those are usually the times I am trying to make dinner/get ready/etc. So then he will start throwing toys at the Fudgelet to entice him. One will inevitably hurt the Fudgelet and then I have to step in. I try to let them handle some of their challenges without me, although I am watching. Often they are able to communicate enough with each other to figure it out. It helps that the Fudgelet is fairly patient with the Chiplet.

Sleep is still kind of rough. Not that I expect it to be any different since the Fudgelet was the same. Still getting up multiple times a night and still wanting Mommy. One morning he woke up K by saying hi and hello over and over again. K went in and the Chiplet was happy, then when K went to pick him up he just started screaming. We are still very much in the attached phase right now.

Now let’s move to the good things. He still loves the Fudgelet so much. He constantly wants to see him, play with him, copy him, etc. Sometimes it ends poorly (still working on him being more gentle with items, such as books since he wants the big boy books, too) but other times he learns so much. His vocabulary is still growing constantly and he understands pretend play more than he did before. I wish I could understand his wishes even better since I know he has real things he wants and I only get it right half the time.

Thankfully he says “read” clearly and also makes it obvious by carrying a book over and dropping it in our laps. If our lap isn’t open for reading time, he will sometimes start bullying us with the book saying “read” over and over again to be heard, haha. He also learned “again” and will say it after books so some books get read multiple times back to back in a day. Along those lines, he has started putting words together. Nothing fancy, but he will say “all done, play?” at the end of a meal instead of just “all done.”

The Chiplet still loves to be carried places and will ask for it, but he can now get himself up and down the stairs by walking down with the railing (we are always with him, usually holding his hand, but not always). He is also pretty good at climbing and finding ways into places.

By the way, I am beginning to think writing this post is jinxing me because he keeps doing short naps or waking as I try to finish it. Oh well.

Other good things? He is getting more friendly while we are out. He used to be, but then stranger danger set in and he didn’t like it when people would talk to him. As it is, he will switch between saying hello and waving at everyone (until they say hi back) and other times be super shy. When he is shy, if someone talks to him, he will melt into a puddle on the floor or in my arms and just give small little smiles. It’s really cute, but we also joke about how bad it would be if he did that in a few years. “Hi! Thanks for your help today, Chip!” And then Chiplet laying down on the ground trying to pretend like they can’t see him. Hahaha.

For food, he still likes to eat a good bit most of the time. Sometimes he gets particular. I think, again, it has to do with communicating. If he thinks the piece of food is too hot/sticky/big/etc. he might just throw it. Other times he will eat a bite of something, throw a bite of the same thing, and then eat a third bite. I don’t get it! If he throws it, I used to assume he didn’t want it, but then he will whine and complain if I take it away. I’ve tried different strategies, and lately I am giving him a warning or two and then I do take away the food. If it is the beginning of a meal, he sits for a few minutes before he gets anything back and if it is the end, it is just the end of the meal. I figure he can always get a snack later if need be. I’m hoping he will get better. He can’t throw food forever, right?

But we are talking about good Chiplet things. Good Chiplet will try new foods. He takes a bit of convincing sometimes, but he still tries a lot. I’m still working on getting him to eat more fruit. Meat and vegetables are his favorites.

His favorite things right now: building with blocks of any kind, banging, throwing anything but especially balls, coloring, and reading. He also loves talking and is at over 100 words now!

He is getting so much older looking each day and it is crazy how much he is developing. I remember this age with the Fudgelet, too, and how it really just starts picking up from here with words, motor skills, etc. Stay tuned!

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