Friday Favorites 30

It has been a rough week plus here. I’m hoping by the time that this posts everything is back to normal. For now, though, I am still in the middle of it. We started the week with bad sleep, lots of bad behavior, and a fever that turned out to be nothing. Then the week ended with a virus for half of the family…did I mention this was with Easter? Sigh. And then just as that half of the family got better, another family member started with a different virus. Here I am worried and wondering when it will hit me. I mean, I can’t possibly dodge all of this, can I? I really hate seeing my boys sick and so sad. But let’s try to remember the happier moments with some pictures to transition back to our usual Friday Favorites content:

The kids like driving their (indoor) vehicles on our super long hallway. It should be put in any future listing for this house: first floor hallway is excellent for burning off energy with races.


This one doesn’t enjoy kisses but he certainly enjoys snuggling and hugging. Although it is still on his terms. Once he is done with a hug he will push away. Oh well. I am savoring the snuggles while I get them.



  1. Since I’ve had more luck with bread lately, I’ve been trying more recipes. I really want to make a milk bread recipe but for now have been holding off until I figure out proper substitutions. This one looks to have potential.
  2. The only reason I haven’t made this coffee cake yet is that I don’t have the right pan size and want to see if I can play with the recipe.
  3. Part of me wants to make this chocolate/peanut butter bar recipe with almond butter
  4. There is also this recipe I could try instead for milk bread since I’ve had luck with other recipes from this blog.
  5. I’m interested in this chocolate cake, not because it is dairy-free but because I have yet to try an olive oil cake recipe, but I have wanted to for awhile.

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