Fudgelet and Chiplet Adventures (part 22): Snowy Winter

I know we are a month into spring already, but I figured this was as good a time as any to wrap up winter with some pictures. Maybe you will see something of interest for next winter.

Let’s start with the basic pros and cons of this past winter here. Both can be summed up with one word: snow! We had so much snow. Each time I thought we were done with snow, we would wake up with more. It was okay except it meant lots of days off of school, lots of cancelled playdates, lots of time spent at home…we made do with what we could to stay entertained.

We had some time to play in the snow, although it was tricky since the Chiplet didn’t have any snow gear and the Fudgelet had some, but I couldn’t let him play on his own.

We also enjoyed some ice time inside. I froze a block of ice with some of the Fudgelet’s animal figurines. Then I let him use eye droppers to squirt warm water onto it and “free” the animals.

We also did lots of cooking and baking. He helped sprinkle this cake. And taste test the sprinkles, too.

We also made some crafts.

This was (obviously) store-bought.

But then I had us make a hedgehog Valentine craft. We both drew hearts and cut them out.

Then he glued them on however he wanted.

The Chiplet joined us for other activities.

Like sitting on the Fudgelet’s lap to read.

And taking my workout bands while I exercise.

Baking with pom-poms.

We also played with candy blocks that are like Legos.

There is also always real Legos.

And finally, snow often brings out the coyotes in our greenbelt.

Here’s to no more snow for awhile!


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