Tips-y Tuesdays: More on Liege Waffles

I made liege waffles and kept forgetting to take new pictures but here I am today with some more, and a substitution!

If you want to see my earlier post, you can go here to find it.

Last time, I made my own version of pearl sugar since I couldn’t get it easily at the store. Then came all of the snowstorms in February here and I found myself at our fancier local grocery chain. While shopping for nice Jasmine tea for my in-laws I found some pearl sugar on the shelf. I decided it would be nice to pick it up and maybe I could make some liege waffles for them. They ended up going home not long after that purchase, and I never got around to making the waffles because…allergies. Basically, the recipe I used and other ones I found all called for milk (and butter) in large amounts. I needed to scale back the dairy but other than trying soy milk (which I am leery to try since soy sometimes bothers me) I couldn’t think of anything. Thankfully, the Chiplet got cleared for tree nuts which meant I could play around with recipes some more now.

So, I swapped the regular milk completely with almond milk. I also used the store-bought pearl sugar.

The dough has the same texture (from memory since I didn’t make two batches side by side) so the almond milk worked well. The pearl sugar was definitely a bit different. It didn’t melt as much as the homemade version but the overall effect was similar. You can see I did smaller balls that are more golf-ball sized as well as balls closer to a tennis ball. Both actually worked well. The golf ball ones make smaller waffles but both took about the same time to bake (3-3.5 minutes).

So, if you want to try these with almond milk (I left the butter the same), I’d say give it a go. I didn’t notice any almond flavor in the waffles but it is pretty subtle in the uncooked milk anyway.

It makes a bunch of waffles, but once again…it was a big hit and everyone had seconds (or thirds) so we only froze about 6 of them for future breakfasts.

I had mine plain, the Fudgelet had them with whipped cream, and K used whipped cream AND syrup.

Oh, and one more tip…I chilled the dough overnight again (I made the dough right after dinner) and it was ready to go when we got back from morning errands to make lunch quickly. Because they cook faster than regular waffles, I was able to start having lunch ready for the kids almost immediately.


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