Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 16 Months Old!

If you want to refresh your memory from 14 months, here it is. I left off talking about his snuggles, and really he is still like that. He has separation anxiety in such a big way. It started when he was around a year, but it has gotten worse over the last few months. What makes it really bad is he mostly wants me. Even K isn’t enough to appease him sometimes. I think part of it is he sees me as his food source (he doesn’t like to eat much for other people) and his source for sleep, so if he is hungry or tired, he wants to come to me. He also wants to come over to me to check on me and make sure I’m still around and okay. So, all of this to say that he is still quite attached. I’m not worried, though, since I remember the Fudgelet was also quite attached and he has no problem being dropped at school; sometimes, he won’t even say goodbye until I remind him!

As far as his growth in toddler areas, he is still learning so much. His vocabulary is amazing for his age. At his 15 month check-up he had 30 words and sounds (like saying baa for sheep), and the doctor said average is only 4! I know the Fudgelet was closer to 4 at that age for sure. The doctor also said that boys and second-borns tend to have fewer words, too, but not this kid. I think it is because the Fudgelet is so good at modeling for him.

Here he was saying his favorite phrase: “all done”

The Chiplet still loves books, balls, cars, and trucks, but he is also starting to be interested in blocks and stuffed animals. He likes snuggling soft, fluffy items like comforters, pillows, etc. He also really likes wearing the Fudgelet’s slippers (they are cozy and also are cars).

He gets really excited for things, especially if he senses our excitement. The Chiplet definitely copies us by going “mmm” when he enjoys his food, or saying things like “whoa!” when something exciting happens.

The Chiplet still loves being around the Fudgelet although sometimes they don’t always want to play with the other and want some space. The Fudgelet is usually okay about being crowded by the Chiplet, but if the Chiplet wants solo time, he will start to fuss until the Fudgelet moves.

As a result of the Chiplet being around the Fudgelet so much, he also is around big boy toys and it is hard keeping him from breaking things, like books. He isn’t usually trying to be rough, but sometimes he gets excited. I have to remind myself that the Fudgelet would likely have been similar, but he had fewer fragile items at this age.

The Chiplet has been able to see lots of snow this winter, and a proper beach! Lots of firsts for him and he gets super excited for all of it (here he was looking at snow falling down).

We were still doing two naps until this past week or so…but now he appears to have switched to one. Hopefully it is an easier transition than it was for the Fudgelet!

Next update might have an actual 18 month photoshoot but it will depend on him. Will be remain still long enough for pictures? Who knows.

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