Friday Favorites 29

I know it is a day late, but I don’t have a new pie recipe to share for pi day. I didn’t want to let the day go by without saying anything, so I decided to do a day after post showing some fun pies I’ve seen. My fingers are crossed right now with the hope that I can make a dairy and/or nut pie for the family and then maybe share it soon. The Chiplet is having more tests done and I really really hope to have some good news. Either way, I will make something circular for us.

Both pictures this time are featuring both kids. The Fudgelet’s picture is him being excited that he can finally pull these bowls apart from each other repeatedly (they are really hard even for me to do). They like to play in the ball pit together which is nice and allows me to do things like fold laundry.

The Chiplet’s picture is from our brief trip to San Diego. It was not the Chiplet’s first time at a beach, but it is his first real beach that was by an ocean, so I count it for that. And yes, we were wearing pants in San Diego. We actually put jackets on right after this picture. We left Seattle with cold but sunny weather and went to San Diego to have chilly (for them), rainy weather. Just our luck!

Most of these are chocolate…but you should know me by now. I’m not Salting Ahead.

  1. You know my favorite dessert pies involve chocolate.
  2. Another chocolate pie that looks good but would require the Chiplet to be okay with almonds.
  3. A savory pie made with something I’ve never heard of before: Japanese beef curry.
  4. I have yet to make a French Silk Pie with raw eggs…but I am interested.
  5. If the Chiplet still can’t have certain foods, this chocolate pie would pass, and it sounds interesting. So many eggs!

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