Mixed Bag Mondays: Near Misses

I remember learning about near misses in science class and I always find it such a strange phrase. It makes sense, but it is also confusing. Maybe it’s just me. I believe I first learned it around middle school which is when I had lots of random confusing information. Such as, the word “inclement.” We learned it in a vocabulary unit but our book had the wrong pronunciation and as a result, I find it hard to remember which way is correct because both ways sound wrong now, oops.

Anyway, let’s get back to food.

I wanted to call these near misses because nothing was awful and they were close to being great, but weren’t quite. The cookies above are a popular recipe so I probably messed it up somehow since other people had success with them. It comes from The Boy Who Bakes and it is his Brownie Crinkle Cookies. Mine didn’t crinkle at all, and I’ve had good luck with crinkle cookies before. I tried to follow the recipe completely so I’m not sure.

I will say that when it came time to sprinkle salt on the cookies before baking them, I only did half of them.

There was no difference in the crinkling for the ones that had the salt and the ones that didn’t. I preferred the non-salted cookies for taste since I found the salt too strong.

Next I decided to try a new meatball recipe from Marcella Harzan. I am constantly trying to get meatballs that are the classic Italian kind my grandmother would make. One of my aunts said she likes to use ground veal, beef, and pork but I have never found a good mix like that even though I’ve heard grocery stores carry them. Anyway, I decided to try this recipe which started by heating bread with milk and making a paste with it.

I thought it had potential…

But it ended up just okay. The paste made it not taste enough like meat. The texture also wasn’t my favorite. I still prefer my meatball recipe.

Then we have a Dutch baby/German pancake/etc.

It is from Chrissy Teigen and is another popular recipe from her. I haven’t had the best luck with her recipes and am not likely to make any others from her.

It tasted okay but again, I prefer the recipe I’ve made before.

I was expecting it to be more custardy like the ones I’ve had before.

The crunchy part was nice but I won’t be making it again.


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