Mixed Bag Mondays: Bread in 5

I will be sharing more soon…I’ve been super happy with all of the recipes I have been making from this Bread in 5 book. Basically, the premise of this book and others in the series are that you spend about 5 minutes prepping the bread dough, then you bake it later and can have fresh bread on a more regular basis.

I’ve mentioned multiple times that bread is my Achilles heel for baking. I can bake many things but find bread challenging. It frustrates me since my mom was so good and I even used to help her. You’d think I would have absorbed some with the flour into my skin. But nope.

Well, this book has changed my mind. What I have been doing is prepping the dough in the evening, then you let it rest for 2 hours before transferring it to the fridge. Then the next day I can bake something with it. Do you know what’s even better? The dough recipes usually make enough for multiple loaves and they have multiple ideas for the dough. So, you can bake one loaf and then a different day use the remainder to make something else! We have been eating so much bread lately because of this. It has been so much fun!

I still wouldn’t say that I am super awesome since I’m sure the bread could be better (K wants a lighter, less dense kind of bread so I will have to see what I can do for that) but in general everything is good and the kids love it.

Guess what the first recipe I made was?

Dumping everything in the one bowl to mix…

Chocolate bread!

It tasted exactly like bread with chocolate flavor. Not like a cake, but a nice bit of chocolate you could eat for breakfast.

Next was a basic white bread.

A scale is super important for this. You could do volume but it is so much faster with a scale.

I’ve been learning that different washes make different crusts. An egg white wash adds color but the yolk adds more shine.

Look at that glossy top!

In case you’re wondering if I had any misses, this kind of was:

And it wasn’t necessarily the book’s fault.

I think the issue was when I formed the pretzel. Basically it got too puffy and this happened:

which turned into this when it baked:

And then I thought it was fine but when I cut into it, it clearly was still doughy because the inner part didn’t have room around it like it was supposed to so it probably didn’t bake evenly.

I put it back in for longer and then it got maybe a bit too crunchy/burned.

The non-burned parts tasted good so I would try it again, but be more careful with forming it. Maybe I would make pretzel rolls.

Wait until I share the mock croissant recipe! So much fun! If you want, you can check out Zoë François on Instagram or on her website for recipes and tips or check out the book from the library like I did…but I definitely want to check out more!

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