Fudgelet Adventures (part 21): Pop-up Polar Bear Craft

We actually made this craft during the Fudgelet’s “P” week at preschool. Totally unintentional. If it had been planned, I would have had him take it in to share. Basically we were browsing Pinterest for ideas as we sometimes do, and we came across this craft. He wanted to make it, but the Chiplet woke up not long after so that night after bedtime I took the time to draw the parts and have everything ready. We ended up not getting around to it for over a week because we did other things and the Chiplet was doing really awful sleep. We followed the basic guidelines from this website but worked in some of our own ideas too.

To start, you need to pick a paper to put it on. The original had us watercolor a paper and use it, which we did…but then the Fudgelet wanted to turn it into a Valentine’s Day card for K. So, we were back to nothing. He didn’t want to paint another page but instead wanted to use black paper because “it is swimming underwater.” So, that’s what we did.

The website had an option to pay for a template. But we don’t work that way. It wasn’t that hard to draw two bubble U’s. One is bigger and one is smaller for the back and front, respectively. Then I draw a big circle for the head and two ovals for the ears. He colored in the ears with crayon…why are they black? I’m not sure, to be honest. I didn’t even think about it until I sat down to write this. Maybe it is supposed to be the inside of their ears showing? Oh well. You could skip that part or make it a panda bear instead, haha.

To stick the two U’s together, you glue the big U onto the paper, then offset the other smaller U. Inbetween them, place a strip of paper that you glue into a loop and glue to each pair of legs. This makes the body stick out a bit.

Then, as you can see the Fudgelet doing, take two more strips of paper and form them into an L, overlapping at the one corner. Then, fold them, alternating one on top of the other to make an accordion strip.

You can see the accordion in the picture above, as well as the loop. Glue the top and bottom of the accordion so that it stays together. Next, work on making the polar bear face and attaching the ears to the head.

Once it is done, glue the accordion to the front pair of legs and then the other part of the accordion to the head.

We used googly eyes but you could just draw them.

Then, because the paper was faded from the sun and because I thought he might like using them, I brought out some fun scissors to cut the edge.

Ta-da! You could totally make other animals like this, too. It was fun, easy, and good practice for gluing, cutting, and folding. The Chiplet enjoys playing with it, too!

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