Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 4.5 Years Old!

So, what has changed since last summer? Well, the Fudgelet has been in preschool which is a major change for us. I wasn’t sure how it would go but it has been great for him. Even though he knows most of what they are teaching, he isn’t bored and finds it fun. As of the time I am posting this, I will have had a conference with his teachers to hear about his progress. But, I am writing this ahead of that soooo I am hoping he has been good.

The biggest changes I’ve noticed from him starting school are:

  • He is more friendly with other kids, even ones he doesn’t know.
  • His writing has improved.
  • He has gotten better playing independently (not that he was not doing this prior, but on the days he has school he is usually quite content with some solo quiet time after the excitement of school).
  • He likes coloring more than he did before.
  • He needs a snack around 2 pm each day since that is when they have a snack at school, so I think his body expects it.

His reading has also improved dramatically, but not as a result of school. He reads all levels of books. He still wants us to read books to him, too, which I encourage since that helps him in so many ways (how to pronounce new words, how the words flow, and the connection of sitting with someone special).

What else has he been up to? He did swim classes in the Fall, just to get some time in a pool. We kept meaning to do it, and then he actually asked to take the classes. He did ok…not awesome, but I think he ended it with a positive opinion of swimming, and that’s what I wanted.

He also has still been doing various crafts and activities with me. I try to do most of them on days when he doesn’t have school, but he doesn’t seem to get burned out, so I guess it is okay. He does his homework right away. When we went away for Christmas, he missed 3 days of school. There were only a few pages of assignments and he did them before we even left for our trip, no problem at all.

It’s nice seeing his work ethic with school, and I also like that he doesn’t get upset when I drop him at school. Not the first day, not the first week, not ever. He doesn’t even appear anxious on the days when I am not one of the first few parents there. He is always excited to see me and the Chiplet, and sometimes he says he missed me, but he never is sad like some of the other kids. I’m looking forward to when he starts Kindergarten because I think he will love it. Even if the Chiplet and I will miss him. Right now it is just 2.5 hours a day, 3 days a week. It doesn’t sound like much but it is noticeable, and all-day school next year sounds scary for me!

His emotions are a bit all over the place. He can be very sensitive about some things, so I have been trying to give him more solo time with me. It’s almost like puberty for toddler-to-big kid. He is able to do lots of big kid things, but is still transitioning from being a toddler at times. I think because he is so capable it gets frustrating when he can’t do certain things since you think he should be able to, but then you have to remember he is only 4. When I look back at pictures from even just a year ago he seems so much older. I can’t get over how big he has gotten, how sweet he is, and how he is my first baby.

Happy Half Birthday, Fudgelet!

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