Mixed Bag Mondays: Exploring Cookbooks and Variations

While on the internet I see lots of yummy recipes from cookbooks. For whatever reason, I used to rely more on reviews and finding some recipes online, then testing them before deciding to get a book. Recently I realized that I could get the books from the library and test them that way before deciding if I wanted to buy them. It might be that before I could never find the books I wanted and decided the library wasn’t the right place for me to test out cookbooks, but at my current library I can get them. Some of them I can even get online which is nice to pull up on my laptop or phone in the kitchen.

Starting with the recipe you see above, I made a chicken pot pie soup from Chrissy Teigen’s first book, Cravings. I made some changes since I didn’t want to buy a rotisserie chicken just for this. I was fine cooking some chicken. One of the intriguing parts is that you make the pie crust as a giant cracker.

It was kind of nice making this in soup form with a “cracker” since often the pot pies are not thick enough and are soupy anyway. This embraces that idea.

I also didn’t do pearl onions and cut back some on the dairy because of the kids. But, I did add in rice because I felt it needed a bit of something more. It wasn’t quite filling enough and I didn’t want to just fill up on the cracker. (Although the pie crust cracker was a hit with everyone.)

I also made a green bean recipe from her cookbook. Again, it had an interesting idea for me because it cooked green beans in a similar way I had cooked them before with sort of blanching them and then sauteing them, but all in one pan.

These turned out just okay. It might have been the recipe or it might have been the green beans/user error. I would try it again potentially, but I am also happy with how I’ve been cooking mine. The other interesting part was adding in some different flavors, which reminded me that I don’t always need to stick to garlic for them.

Okay so the last two recipes are not strictly cookbook ones but just some variations of things I have made. First, this crumb cake.

It was kind of similar to this crumb cake I’ve made before. I liked that it emphasized the crumb part and just as I came across it, K mentioned wanting crumb cake. Boom! I made it the next morning with the Fudgelet.

It ended up so-so which is why I’m not sharing it, even though I took full pictures for it.

It was a bit drier than I like and the crumb was dry, too. Not my favorite. I’d rather just make the other recipe even if it is a bit more work.

And to wrap up with another circle dish, pizza! You’ve seen this recipe on here already, but I decided to try it with pepperoni. And I am just here to say that it worked the first time.

And then I had to make it again since the Fudgelet decided he was a fan of the pepperoni from a local store.

And again…

So there you go. Mostly dishes we liked. Even if I wouldn’t make things exactly the same again, I gained some inspiration:

  • pie crust baked flat to eat like a cracker
  • I can mix up toppings on my new favorite pizza recipe
  • don’t add nuts to the crumb topping
  • mix up flavors with green beans

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