Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet’s First Birthday Party

I had already posted about the Chiplet turning 1 year old but I didn’t get a chance to share his pictures from his birthday or his party. So, as you recover from Christmas parties, let’s talk birthday parties!

I planned his party around Thanksgiving which meant that some friends couldn’t make it, but we were happy with the group we had and the Chiplet actually had a great time. Every single year for the Fudgelet he would not nap for his party days. Or if he did nap, it was at a weird time for a short time. And then the year he was done naps, he ended up napping which meant bedtime was rough. Sooo, I didn’t have high expectations for the Chiplet’s schedule. But, he actually did a great first nap, ate lunch, had playtime, and then had lots of fun at his party. He started to get tired near the (scheduled) end of the party, so that worked out fine. He ended up falling asleep quite easily and did another long good nap. So, it was a great first birthday party experience for him! He loves seeing kids and tries to keep up, so he was happy. Meanwhile, it was mostly the Fudgelet’s friends and he was feeling shy for much of the party. Oh well.

For his actual birthday, we did cake after his dinner. I tried to make sure he wasn’t super full so he could have it.

I added ground Oreos to his frosting and then decorated with them, too, but I don’t have a picture to share of the finished cake.

He had cake before for his allergy test but this was his first chocolate cake.

He didn’t know what to do with it and then he ate some when I fed it to him on a fork. But then after a few bites he just wanted more dinner, haha.

For his party, I tried to make a better version of the frosting. It is all shortening instead of butter since he can’t do the unbaked dairy, but it was tricky to make it taste better. I ended up adding some melted chocolate and powdered sugar. It helped and he gladly ate more of it at his party.

For his party, I went with an “orange” theme. On his invite I made a joke about “orange you glad I was born.”

I made orange extract and added it to many of the treats.

My meringue cookies are my favorite.

For some reason rice krispie treats are challenging for me.

Another hit is always my chocolate chip cookies as well as my cranberry muffins.

And the normal party foods:

The hummus and cheese were still in the fridge when I took this. I had different kinds of crackers and some had coconut oil so he can’t have them which is why I separated them. Not easily seen is a Costco cake. I got a chocolate cake with orange and yellow flowers on it. He couldn’t eat it, but everyone else loved it (Costco cakes are at many parties here since they are cheap but the best store-not bakery- cakes I have ever eaten).

November is often rainy and gloomy but we had a sunny day for the party, which is great!

As far as one year old updates, he is walking now, although it has taken awhile to get him to do more of it. It’s funny since he is usually a big risk taker.

For example, he loves riding on this ATV in our hallway. It took the Fudgelet over a year to be okay with it.

We are at 8 teeth and counting, although he had just 6 when he turned 1.

The Fudgelet loved the new toys to play with (they are mostly okay with sharing at this point) and he even received some of his own from incredibly generous family members.

I feel so lucky to have had a great first birthday celebration for the Chiplet and I’m glad we have pictures to show him. The Fudgelet loves seeing the pictures from his parties and when he was little. Even though he doesn’t remember them, I think he likes seeing that we were celebrating like this for him, too.

The next baby update will likely be when he is 1.5 years old, although he will be popping up on here. Especially if we celebrate the Fudgelet’s half birthday in January.

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