Mixed Bag Mondays: Recent Successes

Lately I’ve been making lots of pasta dishes that I throw together in a skillet. It is an easy way to make some interesting flavors in a quick way, and I can pull out the food for the Chiplet before I add any dairy ingredients or any nuts. They have been hits for lunch, dinner, and in leftover form. For leftovers, I often add extra of an ingredient if I think we need more (like more vegetables or protein) and heat it up in a skillet. Adding a bit of oil or butter along with potentially some broth or extra seasoning helps make the leftovers seem fresh and new.

For this particular meal, I had found some “pumpkin” pasta that was perfect for Halloween (here I go again with my funny holiday delays). Technically it was made with butternut squash but the shape was much appreciated by the Fudgelet.

To appreciate the delicate squash flavor of the pasta, I decided to go with a browned butter sauce.

Keeping it simple with some green onion with the butter, along with some pasta water to help…I also added meatballs.

Simple and a favorite with the kids who love meatballs in any style.

Switching gears to another hit…I technically already shared this recipe which is why it isn’t getting its own post.

I decided to try making this sour cream pound cake into cupcakes. It is a vanilla cake that the Chiplet can have, and so I wanted to try it in a fun shape. Sure enough, it worked!

It made a solid 9 cupcakes.

The baking time was actually fairly long (at least, I thought it would be faster). It was around 30 minutes. I used a cake tester to make sure that the cakes were baked all the way through. Even with the long baking time they still remained moist and delicious.

So, if you want pound cake in cupcake form, this was good. I will say that the edges are like the edges of pound cake, as in they are on the more crisp side. If you don’t like that, you can bake it for a bit less.

For those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas Eve and I hope to have many more successes with baking for the holidays and into the new year to share with you!

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