Fudgelet Adventures (part 19): Watercolor Spiderweb

You might think that this is an odd time to share this. But, I think the techniques in this could be used for any season. We actually made this after Halloween because spiders can be cool anytime. But, if you didn’t want to do a spiderweb, I think you could make this with a Christmas tree outlined and then use pom poms as ornaments…in fact, I might be doing that. But anyway, let’s get into what we already made.

So, how did we start? We used watercolor paper and a white crayon to draw a spiderweb. He did most of it on his own.

Next, we used watercolors to paint on top. I did a little, but again, most was his. He really liked doing a rainbow.

Then after we were done, we talked about making a spider.

We both cut some legs, and then I helped him figure out how to lay the legs down to fit the body he picked out. Then he glued them.

Eyes were necessary of course…but then…

he wanted a mouth from the pom poms, too. It was a nice craft we were able to do in under 30 minutes (we finished just as the Chiplet woke up).

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