Homemade Orange Extract

For the Fudgelet’s first birthday party I made vanilla extract. I decided I wanted to make something for the Chiplet’s birthday party. I wasn’t sure until I saw this post from Sprinkle Bakes. She made lemon extract but I was inspired to make orange instead. Then I saw she said it was possible to use oranges or similar fruit. So, I went with it! I actually started making it before I had the small bottles just because I wanted to give it plenty of time.

So, let’s go into what you do. You want to zest your oranges, but you want to make sure to not get any of the pith and you want ribbons, or at least flat pieces (not like the zest you get from using a microplane). I used my vegetable peeler and was extra careful. And to be honest, there weren’t any good oranges at the store when I went. I ended up using clementines and tangelos and it is still super orange-y, so keep that in mind. I made sure to use about 1-2 Tablespoons of zest per 4-5 ounces of vodka, per bottle.

Directions for Orange Extract

  • Ribboned zest from oranges (1-2 Tablespoons per 4-5 ounces of vodka)
  • Vodka

You can do what I did to start and just put all of the zest in one container with the vodka, and then divvy it up after. Or, you can put a bit in each bottle. When you put them in the bottles, you should sterilize the bottles first. Then pour in the vodka. Cover and shake. After the first few days I didn’t shake as often and it still turned out fine. After the first day it smelled strongly of orange and by the end of 2 weeks it was strongly orange and much less alcohol smell.


This was super easy and I was excited to continue the orange theme of his party into the party favors.

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