Dahlia Bakery Baking

Today I wanted to share a few recipes I made when my dad and M came to visit last month. I asked my dad for some ideas to bake since I wanted to make two treats to take care of two months of desserts that I make him (I usually ship them but fresh is always best). He picked muffins and scones, so I made some muffins for while they were here and made scones to take home (we ended up freezing some of each to take home). The biscuits I made were for their first dinner here. They were coming straight from the airport at rush hour/dinner time, so I wanted food ready for them. I made sous vide salmon, broccoli, and biscuits.

The biscuit recipe was technically a savory scone recipe but they tasted like a super flaky biscuit. They were definitely on the crunchy side, but I really enjoyed them because they were different. I wouldn’t make them anytime I wanted a biscuit, but just when I wanted something different.

I don’t remember exactly which herbs I threw in since I didn’t have the ones listed in the recipe, but I know thyme was in there.

Next for the muffins. The Fudgelet helped me make them since no mixer was necessary:

There is lots of whisking and I also got to buy “bran” for the first time. I’ve never even seen it or paid attention to it before. It was easy enough to find (Bob’s Red Mill makes it and I just checked that spot of my grocery store) and it was fun to use something new. Something a bit unique in this bran muffin recipe is you use a mashed banana. It made the muffins very moist.

You let the batter rest for awhile before baking them, so that’s why there is a difference in lighting.

You sprinkle them with more bran and some sugar. I also added in some more raisins because I didn’t think they had enough.

They domed perfectly, which always surprises me when that happens on muffins or cupcakes.

I haven’t had many bran muffins before, but I think they were good…I enjoyed the one I had (I didn’t want to eat more since they were for my dad).

If he decides he wants them again, I would definitely make them. They were slightly complicated compared to some muffin recipes, but not complicated for a Dahlia Bakery recipe.

Finally I made some scones that were supposed to be cherry almond scones. And really, I had misread my dad’s message because he didn’t just say “scones” but rather cinnamon scones. Oops! I tried to find cinnamon chips at the stores but no one had them yet, and I didn’t have much time to make them at home this time.

So, I stuck with this recipe (with a promise to make cinnamon ones again soon). I only had some dried cranberries and also know my dad really likes raisins, so I did a mix of both instead, while keeping the almonds. Again, it was a different kind of scone.

Their scones seem to be more crispy than other ones I’ve made. So, I think they’re good, depending on what you want.



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