Happy Halloween on Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share some of our Halloween fun, even though it is already another holiday. Maybe I will share Thanksgiving stuff on Christmas, haha.

We ended up having 7 pumpkins. Four we bought when we went to a pumpkin patch with my dad and M (for $2 total!?), two tiny ones I bought that the Fudgelet and I painted from the store, and then the Fudgelet got one from school that they decorated with stickers.

We hadn’t carved any pumpkins since before the Fudgelet was born. I decided that since we had bought small pumpkins this year, it was worth trying one with him to see how he would do. He didn’t want to get his hands in there (surprise, surprise) but did help some. He ended up drawing half of the face, too.

We also made a Halloween haunted house with my dad and M, and did lots of Halloween crafts.

Like these skeletons.

We also put up our usual Halloween window stickers that are basically done but we keep using anyway, plus new ones from my dad and M!

On the actual day, we made Mummy Hot dogs again, but this time I had help.

And we ended up repeating costumes. The Chiplet was always going to wear the Fudgelet’s old ones until he is a little older with a more definite opinion. So, that meant I would be Luigi to his Mario. But then the Fudgelet wanted to wear his Lightning McQueen costume from last year (which also gets worn other days, too). So, K went as Tow Mater to match with him (although he also did some pictures in his Mario outfit).

We all went out trick or treating for a bit, and then K and the Chiplet came back to give out candy while the Fudgelet and I went beyond our street. He was great…until we hit two scary houses in a row. Then he decided he was tired and we went back. My favorite costume I saw this year was someone as a jellyfish: an umbrella frame with lights along the wires, streamers hanging off the edges, and two huge eyes. It was beautiful, cute, and fun!



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