Tips-y Tuesdays: Jellyroll Cake

I’ve been wanting to make a jellyroll cake for a long time. I’ve found so many recipes for them that look good, and I’ve watched videos, read about them…I’ve even made one. I made it back in college when I was still learning how to cook different recipes. When I tried making one then, it turned out like a big cracker. I realized that I had forgotten the sugar, and I’m not sure if anything else was wrong, but yeah. It was an epic failure. I couldn’t even practice the rolling part. Well, I finally got the courage up and I made one. It turned out better and was easier than I thought. But I still learned some tricks.

  • The first tip is to not overbake. I feel like I could have cooked mine a bit less than I did, but it was my first time, so I was trying to be careful.

  • When making the cake batter, make sure it is well whipped since the eggs do much of the heavy lifting here.

Speaking of the eggs, the Fudgelet helped and one of his ways of helping was cracking the eggs.

Notice his wet hair? He had cracked some eggs a funny way and it sprayed into his hair, so we had to wash it at the sink. Haha.

He has since gotten much better at cracking eggs.

  • Line your baking pan with greased parchment, and then when the cake is done baking, you will flip it out onto more greased parchment paper. This way you can roll it.

  • After the cake cools rolled up, you will need to unroll it and trim the edges.

I did not trim the edges and it was noticeable in the end product.

  • Spread the filling most of the way around. I tried to leave a border but it didn’t help. Some will come out anyway and you want everything to have filling.

  • When you reroll the cake just do it slowly and will be fine. It might crack a little, but that’s why you glaze it after.

Smother it in glaze and no one will know a thing. Or care.

  • Slice off the ends and then you can serve it. Or if you are just serving loved ones who don’t care, you can eat the end pieces with them because it is still cake with filling and glaze.


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