Mixed Bag Mondays: Lots of Baking

I haven’t been making as many new savory dishes recently, but have been making new baking recipes to try out. After making the World Peace cookies that I just shared, I made other cookie recipes, including this bar you see below.

The cookie bars were made with cookie butter. They were okay, but ended up more dry than I would like, and they didn’t have much of that cookie butter flavor.

I baked them slightly under what I thought they should be, and they were okay when freshly made, but they were a bit too crumbly after the first day and you can’t make a cookie bar that only keeps for a day. Or, at least, I think it is a waste.

Next we have a pancake recipe that is okay. It is from a cookbook I have that basically has you make a big batch of pancake mix and then each time you just scoop out some and add butter and a couple other ingredients. Having made it three times now, the first time was good. The second time was decent, and the third time was just okay. The pancakes are too flat for my liking. The best way I got them to work was in a pancake mold I have. That way it helped the batter keep its shape and height. I have about one more batch I can make with the mix, so I will likely use the pancake mold again since it made them the best.

I have another pancake recipe I made which DID make good pancakes. I want to make them again to confirm that it wasn’t beginner’s luck. I’m always trying to find my “ultimate” pancake recipe, just like I did with my cookies.

If you can tell by this theme today, none of the recipes are bad. They’re just not favorites that I want to remake, which is why I am sharing them this way versus with a recipe.

This recipe was again okay…but maybe I shouldn’t have changed the recipe around so much. Although, I did like them. These are essentially sponge cakes. I took a recipe for a copycat twinkie and it called for a special pan. I used my muffin pan instead…and then…

made chocolate filling instead. I actually really liked the filling…which I then used as frosting.

It was the best part. The cakes were good, just spongey. Maybe I needed more filling inside? It was hard to get it to go inside.

But it was a nice light treat, so there is that.

Here is another cookie recipe. The pictures are dark because I baked at night after the kids were asleep.

For this recipe, you were supposed to flatten the cookies a special way but it just didn’t work. So I flattened them with my palms, and that worked best.

They baked fine…

But the brown sugar in them, paired with the mini chocolate chips, was just kind of odd. It gave them a flavor that was interesting but not something I wanted to eat a lot of. I felt like I was eating sugar versus eating a sugar cookie.

Now we have this…

An eggless ice cream recipe for chocolate ice cream that comes from the famous brand Jeni. I’ve never eaten it so I can’t say how the original is, but this was quite good. You use cornstarch and cream cheese which makes it different from other recipes.

Here was where I will remember (in case I make this again sometime)…use the biggest pot I have. They said to use 4 quarts and I only have a 3 quart and then my big pot. So I used the 3 quart, since this was how far it came up in the pot. Not a problem…until I added the cornstarch. I didn’t even have a moment to turn off the heat before this happened.

It was like a volcano. So, this annoyance paired with the annoyance of the steps (it was more complicated than other ice cream recipes I’ve made) is what makes me disappointed in the recipe.


It did make this.

And it actually remained soft the whole time. I will say it noticeably degraded in quality after a week. I know they say homemade ice cream should be eaten within a week, but usually we can go much longer and it is still fine (maybe a bit icy, depending).

So, lots of recipes I am unlikely to make again. But nothing terrible, so there’s that!

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