Current Favorites (part 1)

I wanted to start this post because sometimes I go archive digging and it is tricky to remember which iteration of a recipe is my all-time favorite. For some categories I don’t have a favorite but for some, I do, and I wanted a convenient spot to find them.

So, this is going to be a good spot to share my favorites and keep updating as things change. I will share them on Fridays like my other favorites.

Let’s start with…

Chocolate Chip Cookies I make these regularly and often freeze some of the dough for future cookie needs

Favorite Brownies Again, I make these regularly, sometimes in an 8×8 inch pan if I am trying to not feel like a pig

Peanut Butter Brownies They are a bit “extra” but great for chocolate/peanut butter fans

Pie Crust Not made as regularly as cookies but still a staple

Marsala Just saying that since it could easily be adapted for beef/chicken/meatballs

Deviled Eggs For a perfect party food

I hope to add to this list in a future post, but for now, those are some that I often come on here to look for.

2 thoughts on “Current Favorites (part 1)

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