Mixed Bag Mondays: Mushrooms and Waffles

I swear I’m not being lazy, but I just don’t see the need to go through all the steps of sharing some recipes that aren’t ones I would make again. Let’s start with the waffles.

What’s wrong with this waffle?

Nothing particularly, but it required a little bit of effort (whipping egg whites, for example) and I don’t feel the waffles tasted special. I prefer my overnight waffles and for sure the liege waffles which require a special ingredient but are amazing. If I want just average tasting waffles, I’d rather make a more simple recipe.

This recipe was a King Arthur Flour recipe for the best waffles…so, spoiler, they aren’t the best.

I even added some fruit inside some to add more flavor. But they were still just…eh.

Next onto a recipe that is actually good, but not my favorite dish.

It is a mushroom and pasta dish that also has bacon and cream.

I think for me, it just was too many mushrooms, and I actually don’t always like a blend of them but would rather have one type for a more consistent mouth experience. Varying mushroom textures is weird to me for whatever reason, but it has taken me a few recipes to realize that.

And then there is the cream.

It made this dish super rich for me. And with the smoky bacon, I just didn’t enjoy it that much.

We ate it, but it isn’t a dish I will likely make again. I recommend it if you like those ingredients and think they sound good together. It just wasn’t a favorite.


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