Mixed Bag Mondays: Cookies and More

Here we are today with some recipes that I honestly can’t even remember where all of them came from. So, it’s a good chance to show some fails. The successes I tend to remember better, so that’s good for everyone.

Starting with a success, I made the pan-banging cookies that you might have seen all over the internet. Well, everywhere except here since I hadn’t made them before. They ended up being delicious! For my favorite chocolate chip cookies, I think I still prefer my recipe but these are fun when I want to do something a little different. The texture is also different with bits of chewiness and bits of crunchy cookie all in the same cookie.

That’s how it all starts…pretty standard kind of cookie recipe.

And while they bake in the oven you just bang them a bunch.

The cookies get really big, so you definitely need to allow room on the pan.

Next let’s look at a cookie that didn’t turn out as well.

This is one of those where I don’t remember which recipe I used. K said that he only liked them because of the caramel chips that I added to it. Otherwise the cookies lacked anything special. They almost seemed not sweet enough.

I get sad when chocolate cookies let me down.

Speaking of chocolate recipes letting me down…

So far so good for this cake recipe…

One of the layers split though, and that made it a little tricky to layer the cakes up. But then the next part made it worse….

Frosting time! I followed the directions (again I am not sure exactly which recipe I was following but it was supposed to form a nice glaze on the cake) but….how do I put this. Well, just see this.

Hmm. What do you think, Chiplet?

Yeah, not the perfect filling. But it seemed to firm up on the cake.


Yeah yeah, so funny.

But seriously, it didn’t run off for awhile. It seemed to stick as I poured. I paused and it was okay. But then it started running off when I added more and it wouldn’t stop!

It made such a mess and didn’t even end up great. Sigh.

It tasted okay, but was not my favorite.

Let’s move away from chocolate.

During peak cherry season, I decided to try a different clafoutis recipe from a local grocery store. It was simple and might have been okay…

But for some reason, even though this pan doesn’t leak on me normally, it did!

Most of the batter ran out of the pan. Thankfully I used a baking sheet under it.

We still ate it, but I was so sad.

For another fruit mishap…this galette.

It was probably just me since I don’t have the best luck with these kinds of recipes, but I had a leak.

And then…

Oops. I also discovered that I don’t like rhubarb. Or maybe I just got bad rhubarb? It was way too tart for me, and I am actually not too bad with tart fruit usually. K ended up eating most of this since I couldn’t get over the sour/tartness.

This is the start of another semi-fail before we end with a success.

It was a recipe that is savory…with the addition of apple and tomato.

Green apple, specifically.

And some banana.

It sounded fun and interesting. It tasted okay…but it wasn’t a favorite by any means. And, it looked gross since you blend it.

So, the sweetness with the chicken was nice, but it is not something I would make again.

Now, let’s end on a sweet note.

I have been making jam! We had a bunch of strawberries this summer and I made multiple small batches of jam. The first couple times I followed a recipe and then I sometimes would eyeball it, and other times just follow the basic ratio from here. So, I tend to do a ratio of 2:3 with the sugar to fruit. Add a touch of lemon juice and let it simmer for awhile until the strawberries are mostly broken down. It might not be perfect but it works well for us to eat with whatever breakfast treats I make that weekend/week.

The ice bath is good to cool it down quickly, especially when I want to use it quickly.

Stay tuned for more successes (hopefully).

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