Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet’s 4th Birthday Cake….s

Did you read the title? If you did then you can see that I made multiple cakes for the Fudgelet this year. We made rainbow cupcakes for his actual birthday and then his birthday party was a few weeks later. Since his birthday is so close to K’s birthday, we just made a small batch of cupcakes and then made a big cake for K this year (some years I do a smaller cake for K). And I knew the Fudgelet would get more cake at his party.

Let’s start with the cupcakes!

I took a vanilla cake recipe from my favorite cake book (Layered) and her basic Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe. Then we simply added color!

The Fudgelet helped me mix the colors for the cake. I divided the batter into several bowls to add the colors, just like for our rainbow cake post.

Then I put dollops of the colors, starting with red and working through the rainbow to the top.

They baked into pretty little cakes.

For the frosting, I again divided the frosting into bowls and mixed the colors. The purple was the hardest (it kept looking gray). Then I dolloped them into one large frosting bag, trying to layer it with red on one half of the bag, and putting each new color on top to make my way to the other side of the bag. This way the colors would all pipe out at the same time.

This was my test blob.

And more testing on top of my spatula.

The frosting turned out great, although I struggled a bit to squeeze it out. Not sure why…but the Fudgelet did the sprinkles on top.

Putting them in a bowl and letting him pick them up works best. Otherwise when he sprinkles out of a bottle the bottle inevitably touches the frosting and gets gross.

And yes we were rocking temporary tattoos which were a present from his Godmother/my friend.

And look how cheerful!

Now onto the other cakes we had at his party…

I am cropping this simply to not show his name which I did on the cupcakes next to it. Because yes, I made cupcakes and this cake. He wanted chocolate cake with blueberry frosting. So, I made a blueberry whipped cream frosting recipe from Serious Eats. At first I thought it was too soft, but I ended up whipping it further in small batches and it turned out perfectly. Essentially, you use a food processor to blend freeze-dried fruit and sugar…

then add heavy cream and process it until it forms a frosting. She warned to not overwhip it (or it would make butter). As a result, I undermixed it at first and that’s why I had to go back. I also made a double batch, so I probably didn’t need to worry as much about overmixing it.

The round cake here has the blueberry frosting, too. But wait…what is this? That’s right. Another cake. With the rest of the cupcakes.

You see, what happened is…

I was making the chocolate cake. I was originally going to make the cupcakes out of the same batter so I had premade 2 cups of coffee. I only needed 1 cup per batch. The Fudgelet started carrying on during the final step and I ended up adding almost the entire 2 cups of coffee instead. I didn’t realize my mistake until I went to put the cake pans in the oven (the batter makes enough for one “4” and one 8 inch round layer). I watched them and they didn’t look good, so I immediately started making a double batch of this cake. I baked it in the 4. Meanwhile, I already had made the batter for the cupcakes using THIS recipe instead of the chocolate cake one because I know they are good cupcakes and I could make the batter ahead. So, I had to bake cupcakes too which left me with many kinds of chocolate cake.

Because I had so much cake, I used extra frosting from the Fudgelet’s rainbow cupcakes and K’s cake. I had frozen those frostings and it worked out perfectly. The rainbow mixed into the grayish color you see on the 4 above. The other frosting blended into the cupcakes you see above (it will be revealed in an upcoming post).

Oh, yeah. This guy. Oops.

The Fudgelet wanted a Lego person too. Unlike last year with the cookie/brownie hybrid cake, this time I just did my cookie dough baked in the silicone mold. He had us add giant M&Ms mixed in, too, which added some fun color.

As for the orange on the Lego man and on the top cake? I used orange candy melts that I melted with some vegetable oil. I piped it with a piping bag and small circle tip. It worked well to write, and it has the bonus of tasting better than royal icing or similar things.

So yes, we had lots of cake. But, we also had lots of people and I made sure to send people home with cake(s).

Stay tuned for the new chocolate cake recipe!

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