Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Chiplet, Part 1

Dear Chiplet,

Hi! I decided that maybe it was time to write you a letter.

Your brother has had his share of words from me, so it is only fair for you to get some, too. I am writing this on a day when it has been you and me. And that’s it. Technically Daddy and Fudgelet were here in the morning, but they went to Seattle during your nap to hang with friends from out of town. We were originally going to join them, but plans changed and they have been gone for over 6 hours now. It has been interesting seeing what it would be like if it was just us, and it is almost like how it would be if you were the oldest brother instead. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m glad the Fudgelet was first. He had his challenges with sleep but it certainly kept me busy. I was thrown into being a mom…or that’s how it felt in some ways…but you have helped it to feel okay having two. Almost easier than just having a single newborn. Weird, huh?

I love how you are mostly easygoing. At times you get frustrated because you want us to understand you, which is kind of amazing. You have feelings now about what you want and when you want it. I am starting to see you transition to being an older baby/young toddler. I know we still have a few months before that first birthday, but I can see some of the changes happening and it is exciting.

You are so interested in the world, just like your brother, but you won’t just stare at things…you get into everything instead. Everything is a toy, everyone is a friend, and everything is food. Wait, what? I know eventually you will stop trying to eat everything, but for now, everything gets sampled.

Right now you are in a phase where you like to grab and hit at everything, including us. You seem to be saying “hey! I can touch you! hey! It’s you! I’m so excited to see you!” with such enthusiasm. You are also super active and constantly moving from place to place. Once again, I am glad you are the second kid. I can use my special teacher vision, experienced mom eyes, AND the Fudgelet to help keep track of you. He is pretty good at letting me know when you are getting close to things you shouldn’t…or at least what he feels you shouldn’t. He is protective of you, even though I still have to watch him and make sure he isn’t hugging you too tightly or treating you as if you are not half his size.

You bring sunshine to all of us. If we are having a bad moment, you usually smile at us anyway and get us to smile back. We love you and hope you can keep smiling for us, especially with your new teeth to show off!



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