Mixed Bag Mondays: A real failure and some so-sos

Do you ever make a recipe and hope for it to fail? That seems like a waste of time. Sometimes I have doubts but I always hope that everything will turn out okay. Well, let’s start with a recipe that had me thinking it was a success for the first day or so…

A simple cookie recipe. I had bought some of these eggs on sale after Easter and figured they would both taste good eaten out of hand, but also in recipes. Sure enough, I happened to have a recipe for using them.

The dough was a bit dry which did mean that the cookies scooped easily, albeit not beautifully. (Chocolate cookies have to work hard sometimes to not look…suspicious.)

Looks can be deceiving though, and these were actually quite tasty.

The first day.

And then after that? They began to get too dry and didn’t taste as good. We ate them…but I would not remake the recipe.

Next we have a savory dish that was again just so-so. Again, I wouldn’t remake it but it wasn’t awful. It just was off a bit. I think the texture was part of the issue.

Basically you make gnocchi and then I froze them (as the recipe said you could do). When it came time to use them, I cooked them as suggested.

There is cheese and bacon involved, too.

Broiling it to get a bit of a crunchy topping was good…

but it basically tasted too salty and too wet. It tasted like I was eating something bad for me, and you don’t really want to feel that way.

Finally, the failure. I wasn’t sure how this would go. I’ve made some recipes from this person before and had a mixture of luck. I really wanted this recipe to work because it was for fudge that was based off of a recipe from where I grew up. Plus, she uses the same concepts to make a fudge frosting which sounded like the type on one of my favorite cakes from back home, too.

I followed all of the suggestions, even using a fork.

Things seemed to go well with the candy making process with all of the temperatures…

But then it never really became fudge. Just super sweet liquid chocolate.

When I tried to fix it…

Yeah, nope. I apparently can’t make fudge with traditional candy methods. Any tips?

And that brings us to the end of this installment of Mixed Bag recipes.

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