Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 8 Months Old!

The Chiplet continues to grow so quickly!

He picked up crawling near the end of 7 months but was only doing short crawls and army crawls. Now he motors everywhere! We set up a mini wall in the family room to keep him from getting into the Fudgelet’s toys (since most of the toys are not safe for him). That didn’t last long because he needed more room to roam. So, we basically turned the dining room into his play room with most of his toys and the Fudgelet will split his time between the family room with his toys and the dining room to play with his brother. It is working so far, but since we never needed baby gates with the Fudgelet (other than using the coffee table for a while), we are just constantly adjusting and making changes as necessary.

Besides crawling, he also pulls up to kneeling and now can go from crawling to sitting. He also is really good at grabbing objects and playing with his toys. This might all sound really silly, but I feel he can do some of the stuff a bit better than the Fudgelet could at this age, so it is neat to see the comparison. If there is something “new and exciting” the Fudgelet was more likely to look for a moment and then seem to think “nah, too risky” whereas the Chiplet seems to think “yes! let me come explore this new excitement!”

Speaking of new…I did take him on different baby swings and in general he is a fan. He also did better in a restaurant high chair but I think it was that he was worried he wouldn’t get food. When I kept feeding him steadily, then he was fine.

The Chiplet is eating solids really well. It is hard to get him to nurse for long sessions and I have been doing more frequent ones to make sure he is getting enough. He just gets distracted and wants to play instead. I remember the Fudgelet started being more difficult to nurse around this age, too, but he always ate frequently. The Chiplet was more of a “nurse when he wakes up/every 4 hours” mode and now it is “nurse when I can.”

His sleep has been a little random but he is definitely down to 2 good naps a day, which is great for us. He sometimes has a bonus short nap (usually from a car ride) but most days we try to plan around his naps so that he can do them at home. I think his sleep has also been funny because he has two teeth poking out! So unexpected!!

The Fudgelet didn’t get a tooth until he was 10 months old, and it took a while for each tooth. Obviously he can’t do much with the teeth yet and is more gumming his food, but I have been giving him some chunkier purees. He has had beef, chicken, egg yolk, lots of veggies, some fruit, and some grains (puffs/bread/some random things in store pouches).

I also didn’t back carry the Fudgelet very often because it seemed so hard. It is super simple with the Chiplet and he laughs as I adjust him in it.

The Fudgelet didn’t have store pouches until he was older because we didn’t need them and they weren’t a good idea when it would take him 4 days to finish one (you’re supposed to finish one within a day). We started him on them before our trip to Maryland so that he could eat them while we were away (I wanted to figure out which flavors/brands were good for him). For the Chiplet, we started buying a few to have on hand when we want to go out to eat. The Fudgelet was always fine eating later/earlier but if we are at the dinner table, the Chiplet expects food, too. Pouches are the easiest to spoonfeed him and avoid huge messes.

That is all of the major news. Otherwise, he is just continuing to be a happy baby who loves loves loves his brother. He likes being where we are so if I drop him off in the dining room and go get something in the other room, he usually follows. He used to cry if he didn’t see us but now he knows where to look and how to get to us (and in case you’re worried he is within eyesight but it took him a few days to get his bearings).


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