Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 7 Months Old!

Here we are with another month past already! Last month I shared that the Chiplet had made a bunch of progress. Well, it keeps coming!

This past month he sits like a pro and actually started more high chair time, sitting in it at meal times. And most recently (this past week or so) he has started eating a little at each meal. Not every meal, but if he hasn’t nursed recently, then I will let him eat some puffs. If it is dinner time, then he gets something else, too, usually a puree since he still has a bit too strong of a gag reflex for chunkier foods. He really likes eating with us and gets so excited. If it is dinner time, he will get angry if you don’t feed him fast enough.

We tried having him sit in a high chair at a restaurant but he isn’t ready yet. He can sit, but for whatever reason he hated it. We didn’t have the Fudgelet sit in one until he was a couple months older, so no big deal. Maybe I can have him practice sitting in swings at a playground since it is a similar feeling.

Last month I commented that he was moving a good bit and that kept going. He still isn’t crawling in the truest sense, but he might as well be with how fast he gets everywhere. You can’t leave him at all without expecting him to get into things. And he thinks it is hilarious, too. He will roll, do a bit of a lunge forward on his knees, push off of things, move his arms one at a time forward (he is working on moving his legs one at a time, too), and just wiggle his way to whatever attracts his interest. Often it is his brother. We have gotten more strict about what toys are allowed out on the floor and I generally have the potential choking toys put away when he is awake. If the Fudgelet wants to play with them, I am playing with the Chiplet to make sure he doesn’t get to those toys.

He is making even more sounds and has really developed his screech. He uses it when he is both unhappy and excited, so you have to look at his face to see which it is. He still smiles and laughs a LOT, which is really nice for all of us. You can’t stay angry at something when he smiles at you. I’ve used it to calm an angry Fudgelet sometimes…having him do something nice for his brother and then see him smile cheers him right up.

For sleep we are working on switching to two naps. As I write this, he might be there already, but I’m not positive.

Night sleep, well. It’s not awesome. But, it doesn’t get me angry like it did with the Fudgelet. I think this time I realize that I’m not doing anything wrong and that it doesn’t really matter. Eventually he will sleep all night and I will forget what it is like to get up every two hours or whatever it is. At least he is still cute. 😉

That’s it for now for the Chiplet. Stay tuned for 8 months! Next month will be busy…the Fudgelet will be 4 years old! And K will be….a number I’m not sharing, haha.

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