Fudgelet Adventures (part 17): Homemade Car Garage and colors

I made a car garage for the Fudgelet at some point…I think last year? I honestly can’t remember. I don’t think I documented it because I didn’t think it would turn out. It was a bit challenging because I didn’t have a hot glue gun (thanks Dad and M for my Christmas present!) but it ended up looking decent and the Fudgelet still plays with it. Well, fast forward to some point after the Chiplet was born. The ramp broke because he was a little too rough for it and the tape couldn’t hold it any longer. I realized I could fix it with my new hot glue gun. And then I decided to attempt to make a new one for him.

I wanted to make a different kind for him, but he insisted on it looking the same. I actually changed it slightly by putting the ramp in the middle. I still had some trouble getting the top level to be….well, level. That’s why I added the little pieces at the top to keep cars from rolling off. I thought he would want to get rid of his old one, but nope. I also thought he might decorate this one with paint or something, but again, nope. He took both and played with them immediately.

I used a small Amazon box, but any rectangular box would do. First cut your door openings. He dictated where they should go.

You actually use one of the top flaps to turn into the top level and another flap to be the ramp.

He insisted on the Enter/Exit signs, although I realized belatedly that I should have switched the sides. Oops! I was trying to work quickly while the Chiplet napped.

He pretended they could form a multi-level garage and also had them side by side.

All in all, a hit! And free!

Another activity I wasn’t sure about was showing capillary action as well as color mixing.

You put equal amounts of water in 7 cups. Then, put red food coloring in cups 1 and 7, yellow in cup 3, and blue in cup 5. Place folded paper towels into each cup, so that one goes in and one goes out into the next cup. Over time, the colors will blend. For some reason, our yellow looked more orange, so excuse that confusion, but otherwise you get a nice color wheel.

We took a bit from each cup to make the one on the far left…I wanted to teach him that mixing different colors would make brown. This was the week prior to egg dying for Easter. I wanted to help him see which colors would go well together. I left out the cups for the week before dumping them. It was a fun rainbow project!

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