Topic-Changing Thursdays: Flying with Two

We did it! We flew with two kids and made it. I wasn’t ready to celebrate until we had landed back home since the flight home is actually longer than the flight to Maryland.

We have only flown with kids on Southwest, so just in case you were wondering. We also insist on a car seat for flying. For this flight, the Fudgelet got to be in a harness since we had a car seat in our ride to the airport, and already had one in Maryland for him. For the Chiplet, we just used his bucket seat. This does mean we have to buy seats for everyone, but since it is safest to have them in proper harnesses, we just fly less often to save money.

Because car seats can only go next to a window (or next to another car seat), we have to put the Chiplet at the window and me next to him. On the flight there, we were lucky with many open seats on the flight so we put K and the Fudgelet on the other side of the aisle and had the whole row to ourselves. On the way home, it was Chiplet, me, Fudgelet, aisle, then K next to two strangers.

As for entertainment, this is the first flight when we could have the Fudgelet watch videos for most of it. Normally he could only handle an hour total, but this time he was happy to watch a movie as well as some short videos. We also did some playing and eating to break up the time. The Chiplet did his normal routine of sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping. He had a little trouble falling asleep but not too bad and he did good naps which was great. Thankfully I remembered to pack an extra blanket to drape over the car seat to help him sleep. One for sleeping and one for the car seat.

It was also nice packing this time…better than I expected. We did one large checked bag with some of the clothes from each of us, as well as some other extras like extra sheets for the pack and play, wipes, etc. Then we had two roller bags with one for me and the Chiplet and one for K and the Fudgelet. Then one bookbag with electronics that K carries, one bookbag I carry with toys and a change of clothes for the Fudgelet, then my diaper bag with lots of extra clothes and some toys for Chiplet. I needed lots of bibs for him since he still spits up a bunch. I actually double bibbed him for the flight with one bib that works well for drool, and then a larger bib underneath to catch any huge spit ups. I swapped them out as necessary.

For diaper changes, I once again did them all on my lap. On the flight to Maryland, the changing table was way too small and he had pooped right as we were taxiing to the runway (of course) so I couldn’t get up. Then on the way home, there wasn’t a changing table (there weren’t even paper towels to dry your hands) so again it was my lap. Luckily he is pretty good with changes, although he likes them and will dance around a bit.

Now for our actual trip…we did a lot! We did the National Aquarium in Baltimore (although the Fudgelet raced us through it because he was having fun running through the big ramps they have), saw family in New York, visited friends/family/parks in Maryland, went to Washington, D.C. to see a friend and the National Zoo, had the Chiplet’s Baptism with a party, and then filled the other days with lots of visits between the grandparents’ houses and outings to stores/etc.

I think it was a lot for the kids, but it’s the best way to see everything. If we could go more frequently, then we could take our time, but if we’re going for just a few weeks a year, we need to see everyone we can. It also makes me sad seeing how well our kids play with some of my friends’ kids. I wish we could be closer because it would be so fun.

Other than the frantic pace and missing people, it is nice to be back in our beds and in our routine. The Fudgelet is starting to be a bit better about getting bussed around and the Chiplet is fairly chill about it all, too.

One new fun thing was also sleeping…previously, the Fudgelet always shared a room with us. This time was his first time in his own room while away. And, it was in a new bed for him. The Fudgelet is turning into such a big kid…he was in a regular bed, didn’t use a booster for eating…so crazy. For the Chiplet, he was with us and I was worried he might wake up the Fudgelet since we were in neighboring rooms. I’m pretty sure they woke each other up some days but at least it is only vacation and at home we don’t have to worry about it as much.

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