Fudgelet Adventures (part 16): Helping in the Kitchen

Let’s start with a brief reminder of why the Fudgelet is named the Fudgelet…

Yes, we continue to bake together. Making baked donuts is a perfect toddler recipe. No mixer required, just whisking which he loves to do, and he can help with the glaze.

I was going to have him help me pipe out the donuts but I used a new recipe which was super runny and the batter went everywhere. So, I piped out some while I had the Fudgelet use the remaining batter to make the “holes.”

He was very proud of these and wouldn’t eat the regular donuts, just the small ones he made.

He also helped glaze the donuts…

He would plop them in the glaze, I would flip them over, and then he would help put them on the rack.

As you can see, the Chiplet was not impressed…he had woken up early while we were finishing the donuts.

After glazing I let the Fudgelet try to do sprinkles, but he keeps getting the sprinkle jar onto foods so I end up having to take over.

Other ways he has been helping in the kitchen have included rinsing rice and preparing some vegetables. He has helped snap the ends off of asparagus, and can prepare choy sum by separating the leaves and washing them.

One night, he did the vegetables, rinsed the rice, and helped me briefly with breading the chicken katsu before I decided it was taking a bit too long and dinner was running late. For that meal, he said “rice, veggies, and chicken; I helped with everything. This meal is going to be the best ever!” It was really cute and with some of his three-nager behaviors, it is nice to have the good moments when he is happy and feeling proud of himself.

What have you been doing to get your kids involved in the kitchen?


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