Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 6 Months Old!

Halfway to becoming a toddler–wow! He has made some big jumps over this last month with his development. It’s so exciting to see. Keep reading if you want to hear more!

The Chiplet made his first trip to Maryland to meet so many people. I still need to write about our visit but I will (spoiler) say that he did a great job traveling. He is still a pretty good napper. His first nap of the day is generally a good one but the second and third ones are generally just 30 minute ones. He goes to sleep well at night but does wake up a bit often. Still better than his brother, but since I have been sick for a couple weeks, and was recovering from jet lag, I have been feeling the wake ups. You don’t know how bad colds are until you have to wake up repeatedly and then go back to sleep quietly since you share a room, too. Zzzz.

Okay, enough about me. The Chiplet wants you to know that he…

  • Loves moving around however he can…so close to crawling, maybe in the next month?
  • Still loves books
  • Gets excited for toys
  • Can sit and play with his toys or watch his brother for awhile
  • Tries to sit all the time, even in his car seat
  • Is actually sitting on his own fairly well
  • Is spitting up less
  • Had his first food…seemed to like it (pear) but was slightly unsure, so we will try again
  • Still smiles and buzzes when he sees people or things he likes, but saves his biggest laughs for his brother

Up until the week he turned 6 months, he was obsessed with his playmat and loved playing on it while I did my daily morning workout. One morning he just started complaining and wouldn’t stop until I took him off. Now I just let him play on a blanket with toys scattered around him that he tries to move and grab.

One of his favorite toys is this bead maze. He doesn’t normally play with it this way, haha, but he does snuggle it occasionally. He really likes playing with the beads. I just watch him with it to make sure he doesn’t try to gnaw on it.

In place of the playmat, I also will put him in his car to practice sitting.

It’s another favorite toy for him, although he is still trying to get the hang of it. I remember it took the Fudgelet awhile, too, but then once he started, he played with it for the next 3 years!!

He is still super smiley and generally is in a good mood. We all love getting Chiplet smiles and watching him grow. He has just started grabbing at us more since he realized he could touch us in an intentional way. The Fudgelet continues to play with him as best he can, and I am confident they will be buds as they get older, too. They already get each other into trouble by distracting each other and giggling.

Stay tuned for his next month update!



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