Fudgelet Adventures (part 15): More simple crafts

Are you tired of seeing crafts and toddler activities? Hopefully not. If so, see you next blog post! If not, then welcome back! We made a bunch of crafts and did different activities to help break up the winter days when we were stuck home for various reasons (cold/yucky weather, napping Chiplet, friends being sick, etc.). Here are two that were very simple. The first is because the Fudgelet said he wanted to make an alligator craft. We went on Pinterest to get some ideas, and combined some to make this…

He has gotten so much better at gluing, and this was a good chance to give him practice.

All we did was take some green squares for the head of the alligator and white triangles for the teeth, then googly eyes on top.

My stepmother M says this to him all the time and taught it to him, so he was excited to make it.

For an easy activity, all you have to do is squirt some paint in a freezer bag and tape it to a window.

The Fudgelet picked the colors, and then he got to mix them with his fingers and other tools he decided to try, like the stick side of a paintbrush. What was neat with the one bag is we used the three primary colors, so as he mixed them, we got secondary colors, too! He generally knows which colors make green/purple/orange, but it was nice to see it in a different example.

This was fun, and was an activity where he could play and come back whenever he wanted.

Over time the paint dries out a bit and we took them down, but it was a nice non-messy way to play with paint.

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