Fudgelet Adventures (part 14): Pom Poms and Fizzing Colors

Today I have some more activities. One is more involved than the others. Let’s start with the fancier activity that we did multiple times…

There is some set up for this activity. You need vinegar, baking soda, food coloring, and an eye dropper, along with some containers and watercolor paper.

Start by spreading baking soda on the water color paper. Have your toddler do it since if your kid is like mine, he will love it. After it is a nice even layer, now you can prepare the colors. Place some food coloring (gel or liquid) into small containers (I used a mini muffin pan). Use an eye dropper to add vinegar to each container. Again, have your toddler do it. Then, once the vinegar is combined with the colors, you can use the eye dropper to pick up colors and drop them onto the baking soda. If you have multiple eye droppers, then use them. We only have one.

At the end, you can brush off the baking soda and then let the paper dry. It makes a really cool paper you could use to make a pretty card/picture.

For the easier activities, all you need are some pom poms. I bought them for some random crafts, and then after doing this activity, they have remained out. We keep them in a bucket that has a lid and he uses them to pretend all sorts of ideas. They can be rocks/dirt for his construction trucks, water for boats, food for animals, etc.

All I did here was based off of some ideas from other moms. I taped string on the sides of the bowl, then gave him a pair of kitchen tongs. I provided no directions, just made it in front of him while he finished lunch. He was so excited and immediately played with it when he was done eating.

He stirred them, pretended he was cooking, pretended he was washing dishes, picked them up and put them back in, etc.

What took me five minutes to set up led to over an hour total of play. He kept coming back to it for days until finally I put the pom poms in a bucket and let him have them whenever.

I also used the pom poms for two other activities. Unfortunately, I neglected to take pictures. For the one, we put them in paper towel tubes and blew them out. I added an educational element by showing adding (put 2 inside, then add 3…blow and get the answer). We’ve been doing some basic addition and subtraction with objects so this was another fun way to do it.

For a “just for fun” activity, we made gates/tunnels out of Duplo blocks and then set them up croquet style. We put pom poms on the ground and used paper towel/toilet paper tubes to blow the pom poms through the gates and make it to the end. It was fun for both of us!


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