Fudgelet Adventures (part 13): Random Toddler Activities

Today I have some pictures and ideas to share that I have been doing with the Fudgelet over the last few months. Over the next few weeks I have lots of adventures to share, so stay tuned to see more!

Let’s start with the above picture. It worked pretty well, but better for when I did it. The Fudgelet hadn’t done much work with watercolors at this point and so he was still used to using our other regular Crayola paints. After he got the hang of watercolors this activity worked better. Basically, he got to use glue and squirt it on the paper to make whatever designs he wanted. Then, we sprinkled salt on top (just regular table salt). Then, after it fully dried, we dabbed watercolors on it letting the colors spread along the salt. It was fun and made a cool look.

Another activity was this dragon for the Chinese New Year. Initially I wanted the Fudgelet to cut the tissue strips to practice his scissor skills, but his plastic ones couldn’t cut the tissue paper, and he isn’t strong enough to use metal ones yet. Basically, we started by painting a cardboard tube with his chosen colors. You could use a toilet paper roll, but he chose a paper towel one. Then we took fire-colored strips of tissue paper and glued them inside the one end. On top, we glued pom poms for the nose and eyes, then added googly eyes. He loved blowing through and making the dragon breathe fire.

He has also been a fan of making these small bead creations:

For a simple idea, if you have a wooden/tiled/etc. hallway, try putting strips of tape down the middle. It makes an instant road and even though you could pretend it’s a road without the tape, it automatically gets my toddler and his friends excited to race cars down it, run on it themselves, etc.

Speaking of other simple ideas, if you are working on writing practice, try using different tools. Sometimes I have him use paint to write, often crayons, and then I discovered he loves chalk.

He uses chalk some outside, but using chalk inside on this little board has been so much for him, especially with the eraser.

He was totally excited to do more letter practice with the chalk.

For other creative endeavors, have you tried Kinetic sand? There are other versions, but that one is our favorite. My dad and stepmother M bought him extra sand and sand molds for his birthday last year and he will play with them for awhile! It allows for creative play with a sensory side to it. I think it is also kind of relaxing for him.

Magniformers are also fun for both of us. They have a satisfying snapping sound and stay together really well. We often make houses and towers for his other toys to play in.

Another relaxing activity for him is building with Legos/Duplos. Above is a road with a gas station, car wash, and a snack stand.

He gets so excited to build with small Legos too, and is getting better with each new set.

We like the holiday/seasonal sets. They are small and after you build them, you can take them apart and rebuild them the next year as part of seasonal decor.

One other monthly activity we like is the free events at Home Depot. This isn’t sponsored or anything, but the first weekend of each month, Home Depot offers a free craft. You can make it at the store or take it home. Along with the craft, there is an apron and pin to put on the apron. I love that the pins actually are different for each craft to show what you’ve made. I send my husband with the Fudgelet. It works out because usually the Chiplet is doing a nap and I get a chance to have some quiet time for myself. They come home with some new craft, K gets a chance to shop at Home Depot if necessary or go get some new snacks from the grocery store next door, and the Fudgelet gets some extra time with Daddy. Win-win!

Stay tuned next week for two more ideas!

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