Mixed Bag Mondays: Catching Up Time

Let’s be real here. I have so many things I’ve made from before the Chiplet was born, as well as right after. Some were were hits and some were not. None were awful, but some were just okay. Instead of dragging out memories from months and months ago, I’m trying to move through a bit and show you some stuff without taking the time to write all of the recipes out. The major hit I am breezing past I will link to, which is a brownie recipe…

These were good! I got a little tired of eating them by the end of the pan, but that might be because pregnant me and cream cheese don’t always get along. I had a bad experience with the Fudgelet and it occasionally haunts me again. Long story short, I can’t eat the Costco Tuxedo Cake anymore.

These brownies came from David Lebovitz who got it from Irvin Lin. From what I can remember, I followed his recipe exactly. You start by making caramel in the microwave. Then you make brownie batter and the cream cheese part which gets swirled with the caramel.

You layer the cream cheese swirls and brownie batter.

Once baked, it looks like this:

Definitely good, but unless you really really love cream cheese brownies, I would make these to share.

Next up…

recipes that might look good but were so-so. The cookies above? A Smitten Kitchen recipe for butter cookies that you pipe out. They sounded tasty, but no matter what I tried, I could not get the dough to pipe out. I ended up cutting open my pastry bag and scooping out the dough. They spread and got ugly, although they tasted okay.

Sprinkles can only do so much.

Then we have potstickers that again, look okay…

but something was lacking in the filling.

Maybe it is because they are chicken ones? But that seems silly. I think they needed more oomph. I would make my recipe and swap in chicken next time instead of making these again.

Now for some more cookies…

These were a kind of sugar cookie that were actually okay. I think I just botched the baking time because I wanted them to be more browned. They ended up getting too well-done and were too crunchy. I warmed them up in the microwave before eating them and they were great softened like that. So, I would make them again…the issue here?

The Fudgelet helped me because these were dinosaur cookies from Rosanna Pansino. We used our toys to make the feet impressions like she did, but they didn’t really look like dinosaur feet, especially after they baked. I do prefer my topping, though. She used cinnamon to brush into the feet and I preferred the cocoa powder I used.

And now for one final cookie recipe.

These ugly looking cookies were supposed to be a copycat of the Levain Bakery chocolate/peanut butter cookies. And if they are, well, those need some work. They actually tasted okay, but weren’t my favorite chocolate/peanut butter treat I’ve made. The cookies themselves were also quite dry. I followed the annoying directions which involved using water in the oven to kind of “steam” the cookies and using a specific pastry flour. I ended up having to hunt around to find some, and now I’m stuck finding other things to cook with it.

They were good, but not worth the effort and time.

So, this takes us through a good chunk of the recipes I made and photographed. Now there are the recipes I want to share because they were amazing!



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