Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 5 Months Old!

Another month has gone by! The Chiplet is once again throwing curveballs at us but yet reminding us of the baby Fudgelet, too. I am really trying to appreciate all of the baby snuggles since I feel a bit more relaxed about taking care of a baby this go-round. Comparing the two of them is fun, but they are definitely their own people.

I will still need to give you the update on flying with two kids, but for now, let’s appreciate the baby smiles!

Speaking of this smile, the Chiplet learned how to roll onto his belly one day after his nap. I was about to go get him and the next thing I know, he is super happy and on his belly in his bed!!

Look at how proud he is. Now, everytime he rolls onto his belly he still gets super excited. And believe me, he does it a bunch! Almost immediately when you lay him down he will do it. He thinks it is hilarious and loves seeing the world in a different way. Unfortunately, he still spits up like a champion, especially on his belly. So, once he rolls, I have to rush over and make sure the ground is protected, haha.

He drools much more than the Fudgelet ever did. So, even if his bibs aren’t covered in spit up, usually they are wet from drool. Daily laundry is a must in this house now.

As for the brothers, they are still super close and if anything are closer. Anytime the Fudgelet laughs, he usually can get the Chiplet to laugh, too. They will be sitting at dinner, looking at each other, and just cracking each other up over and over.

The Chiplet is still taller than the Fudgelet was at this point, and both were scooching around. But, I think the Chiplet is doing more. He basically inchworms his way across the floor on his belly, lifting up his bottom and stomach, then inching forward.

Can you tell who is who?

The Chiplet has been taking weekly naps on me on the weekends. Usually when he nurses he is wide awake, but on the weekend I can nurse him upstairs where it is quiet, so he often falls back asleep on me after his nap.

It often means I am hungry because I am missing lunch, but again, I am trying to soak up the baby snuggles, so I try to let him go as long as my stomach doesn’t grumble too loudly.

As far as any other new things?

The Chiplet has been very talkative with all sorts of new sounds. He loves it when we talk to him, and especially loves when we sing to him. Sometimes he makes sounds that are like he is singing, too.

Otherwise, he is just becoming more like his own person each day, which is so fun to watch.

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