Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 4 Months Old!

I can’t believe I just typed that title! Someone asked me at the store how old he was, and I had to say it then, too. He is getting so big and so aware of everything. We finally can drive places (if it isn’t nap time) and not just have him fall asleep. That might sound crazy, but since he does a decent job napping in his bed, we’d rather he stick to his routine and not have random car naps to throw off his groove. Of course, his awake times are still rather short, so if we go out, there is usually a car nap involved anyway. But, I try to save those for his shorter naps of the day so that we just keep him in his car seat for a bit after we come inside, and I usually have to wake him to eat at a certain time anyway.

His first cross-country flight will be in a couple weeks, so hopefully he does better than his brother. Especially since it will be window/Chiplet/me/stranger with K and the Fudgelet in another row. Eep! Sorry, future stranger, but there will be some cries, potentially smelly spit up or gas (the Chiplet prefers that end over burps), and me nursing whenever he needs it. Although, as I type this, I just realized that might not be the case if we are able to sit all across in a row. We have a harness device for the Fudgelet instead of a car seat, so he could potentially sit on my other side and have K across the aisle.

Anyway, that is just my mind rambling. Let’s focus on the 4 month stuff and worry about 5 month travel later.

For his latest tricks,

  • He still only rolls the one direction, but is getting so much closer from back to belly. He likes to do his half rolls all around the floor/his bed/playmat, turning. (Edited to add that a week after he turned 4 months he was rolling both ways and doing it all the time, along with a form of a crawl on his belly.)
  • He has favorite toys, such as a ball and books.
  • He loves grabbing onto things, especially his feet or even just his legs to see his feet better.
  • He is even closer to rolling back to belly.
  • He is “talking” even more with lots of squeals and buzzes.
  • We have had some outings where he stays awake and he enjoys seeing new places and things.
  • He has started arching his back a bunch, especially while in his “chair” or if I am sitting him on my lap, almost like he is trying to sit up.
  • He absolutely loves his brother Fudgelet and gets so excited to see him. If he hears his voice he looks for him, even if he is supposed to be nursing.

And from his “photoshoot”… we were a bit rushed because I knew he needed to eat, but I also didn’t want him to spit up so I did them quickly. My camera was also acting up which meant a bunch of pictures ended up with heads out of the frame/etc. But, thankfully, I had at least prepared the sign the day before. Well, the Fudgelet prepared it, that is. His letters actually looked better up close than they do in the pictures. Part of the issue was he made the “4” have a really long line, and then wrote the letters on top so it looks a bit messy. I’m proud of his progress.


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