Halloween in February? (Part 3)

I know, I’ve already done two Halloween posts, but I wanted to share one more with a simple recipe and a couple pictures I hadn’t shared yet.

We went themed with the Fudgelet’s chosen costume of Lightning McQueen. K was Tow-Mater and I was a “bump” sign to work the 9 months of pregnancy angle. Although, I had to wear a bulky coat (the only one that fit) because it was a bit chilly, and as you can see here, it makes me look more big than pregnant, haha.

Now let’s share what we had for dinner that everyone loved…simple hot dogs turned into mummies! I left off the mustard eyes for the Fudgelet since he is still “meh” with mustard. But he loved dipping his hot dog in ketchup.

All I did was take a sheet of puff pastry dough, sliced it into strips, then wrapped them around a (straight from the fridge) hot dog. I used some water on my fingers to help seal them, and then brushed the dough with a beaten egg (mixed with a little water). Into a 400 F degree oven for about 20-30 minutes until the hot dogs were hot and the puff pastry was browned. Decorate with mustard for eyes, if desired.

As for the other sticks you see? I simply brushed the extra puff pastry dough with the egg wash and then topped some with oregano and some with cinnamon and sugar. The cinnamon/sugar ones were our favorite, but I will point out that whatever seasoning you use, pile it on. Otherwise you’ll just taste the dough, which is good, but not ideal if you want it seasoned.

The Fudgelet was sad to be done with Halloween and actually dressed up again the next morning and wanted to go to houses. He is definitely looking forward to it this year!

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