Halloween in February? (Part 2)

I know, it’s Valentine’s Day and I am here talking about Halloween. But you need to understand. I am writing this in October and even if I manage to do something cute or fun for Valentine’s Day, I am not going to be likely to have time to share Valentine’s activities until let’s say Flag Day (ha!). So, I am sharing this while I can and with the idea that some content on here is better than no content, even if it isn’t timely.

So let’s start with sharing costume ideas! The Fudgelet has been wearing his costume nonstop a month prior to Halloween. It’s an over the shoulder Lightning McQueen outfit that he will wear even while riding his motorcycle three-wheeler. The hat is just one I bought at the store before we knew what his costume would be. K wore a Tow-Mater t-shirt and I wore a “Bump” shirt with construction vest to coordinate.

If you tuned in on Monday, I shared this spider cake. The inside of the cake is super moist and rich. I hadn’t shared its picture in the previous post, so here you go…

It looks a little funny but tastes delicious.

The treat I hadn’t shared is not sweet but savory. It came from The Country Cook. You could easily make a dip, but since I was 9 months pregnant for the party I hosted, I used a favorite one from Trader Joe’s. All you have to do is take your dip, coat it in shredded cheddar cheese, then wrap it in a couple layers of plastic wrap before using rubber bands to make indentations.

Then you let it chill overnight before serving with the stem from a bell pepper.

Ta-Da! Pumpkin dip! Super easy and cute, even for someone like me who isn’t the best at making things look cute.

I hope you had a Happy Halloween! And that you have a Happy Valentine’s Day with people you love.


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