Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 3.5 Years Old!

Did you guess the other day? The reason for the funny cake shape?

That’s right. We celebrated a half birthday for the Fudgelet! He picked out his cake quickly and was super excited for it. He ended up eating his slice and then licking the plate. So, it was a hit. I told him that some people don’t believe in celebrating half birthdays and he said “why not?!” haha.

What have we been up to in the Fudgelet world? Well, there is definitely the whole being a big brother thing. He has been so sweet with the Chiplet. He helps fetch bibs and toys, picks out clothes, follows us around and tries to cheer up his brother when he cries.

He can sound out words and read some books, he can write letters albeit in a messy way, he is learning more math concepts (3 digit numbers and a little addition/subtraction), and he has gotten better with his coloring/painting/etc. He actually tries to make a specific picture and isn’t just coloring all over.

He still loves singing, dancing, running, jumping, reading, building (with Legos especially), and snuggles. He also loves helping. If we have been having a bad day/moment, I can often make things better by getting him to help me. All of a sudden it makes him happy and breaks any tension. I have found that he is often on best behavior when it is just me, him, and the Chiplet. It’s nice, although challenging for a play date or wanting to have adult time.

I worried about how our relationship would be post-Chiplet. At first it seemed really different because he was spending so much time with K while K was home to help out. To my relief, it has gone back to normal and if anything is better because now he is equally happy to spend time with both of us and doesn’t rely solely on one of us.

Another change from his 3 year update is that he uses the toilet. We’ve worked on that and other skills to get him ready for preschool in the Fall. I’m so proud of him for all of his growth. He understands so much more now and is always asking questions. It can be tiring for me, but it is also nice to see him learning and applying logic to situations.


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