Fudgelet Adventures (part 12): Baking Misses

Often I have the Fudgelet help me make food that I’ve made before so that I know easy ways he can help. But, I also love making new recipes, so sometimes we end up with some misses (or at least recipes I wouldn’t make again). Below we have some of these to share. Let’s start with something that was easy for the Fudgelet to make (he did most of the work) but wasn’t my favorite brownie recipe.

I can’t remember which brownie recipe this was, but it was my final straw at trying new brownie recipes for a little while. It was fine, but it was supposed to be “the best ever” which it definitely wasn’t for me.

He is getting better at whisking and stirring without making a mess. He has learned to keep the ingredients inside their containers, which is great! I usually have to help hold the containers just because he likes using both hands to hold the tools since they tend to be a bit big for him still.

He also likes to talk a lot about what he is doing while he is helping (“combining the wet and dry ingredients”, “stirring until well-combined”, etc.)

Next I tried having him help me make sprinkles since he loves using and eating them so much. I tried a new sprinkle recipe and had a similar problem I had before with making them: piping them out is hard because it starts to dry out so quickly.

We did such a great job of painting a rainbow of colors inside the pastry bag, but I think that made the mixture dry out because it took time.

I ended up putting all of the mixture into a different bag with a different tip and somehow it turned out blue!?

I let it just do what it wanted and let it dry. I ended up getting some large pieces of sprinkles which worked okay. Next time I might try to make this again but have the pastry bag ready before I make the sprinkle mixture.

And for the above cookie cake? It will be shared here for sure. I liked it so much I made it a second time before we finished the first time!

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