Friday Favorites 27

We are in the stage of baby-time when I have lots of recipes I want to make but not much time to make them since the baby is a bit picky with his sleep. So, read ahead to see some food I would like to make as well as some pictures of my two non-napping sons.


The Fudgelet has been loving Legos lately. He liked them before (even before he could build he would play with K’s sets) but now he is making sets on his own that are above his pay (age) grade. Just today when we were talking about what to do, K suggested playing with their Legos and the Fudgelet said “or maybe go to a Lego store and get some new Legos?” in a very casual tone. We both cracked up. I was trying to hold off on him getting Lego sets until his next birthday with having a baby around, and sticking to Duplo blocks, but he is clearly ready for these.

This is from Christmas time because that is when I am writing this, so he will be bigger by now. He might have more hair, but unlikely. He is still very much sporting a male-patterned baldness look. On the plus side, his skin is in better shape than the Fudgelet’s was at this age, and I think part of that is having less hair (it makes it easier to keep his head clean since babies this age are in the pimple/dry scalp phase at this point). He is doing one of his almost smiles in this picture, and by the time this post goes live he might even be doing big smiles!

Apparently I am in the mood for making cakes, as you will see below.

  1. A basic looking cake, but it also looks perfect! I always love chocolate-frosted vanilla cakes.
  2. I know that this is a video versus a written out recipe, and it is also post-Christmas when you see this, but I’ve always wanted to make a roll-up cake, and especially a yule log one.
  3. This cake looks like one I could make with the Fudgelet. I would probably leave out the bananas, but the rest sounds good and fun.
  4. Now this cake-like bread (babka) is one I’ve actually made! The recipe arrived at the perfect time. K’s parents were going to be visiting, it makes two loaves so I could taste-test one and freeze the other to keep it fresh, and it could be done in stages. I’ve made babka before but I liked the idea of this one having simple syrup poured over it poke-cake style. It sounded like it would keep the bread moist for longer (and so far it has).
  5. Finally, we have this cake which promises to be the best white cake. I usually prefer yellow cakes, but part of that is I don’t like separating eggs and finding uses for the other parts. For this one, you use both parts of the eggs and it does look quite perfect. So, I would like to try it…albeit with a chocolate frosting (or maybe strawberry?).

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