Friday Favorites 26

Let me preface this by saying I am writing this before the Chiplet has arrived, and you should realize that his pictures aren’t here only because he isn’t here yet while I am writing this. I will also have to figure out how to make a different header for him since I don’t even remember how I made the one for the Fudgelet–oops!

This picture was when one of my aunts visited–her first time to Seattle, and her first visit to us. We were so excited! It was a short trip and I had to navigate with a toddler and my 8 month pregnant belly, but we did it and saw most of the highlights.

  1. Let’s bring some cozy cookies into the mix with these one-bowl oatmeal cookies. Sometimes oatmeal cookies can be dry but these look moist and chewy.
  2. I don’t know if I will have time for awhile to make a cake this involved, but it does look and sound so pretty. I also think K would be a fan of it being a coffee cake…but not in the traditional coffee cake way you are picturing.
  3. These are technically Halloween candies but I see no reason you can’t make these in other shapes, especially now that the Fudgelet is fine with chewier textures.
  4. This pie crust is so pretty that I would love to make it sometime, especially since I have been working on making more pies.
  5. Speaking of pies, these are cute and sound like they would be a hit with kids and adults.

I know this took me awhile to make a Friday post and I always say I will do more of them…but I am not so good at blog promises. I will say that I will do my best to keep posts coming, even if it isn’t super frequent or as often as I would like. Help me find new recipes you love, too!

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