Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Chiplet is 1 Month Old

That’s right, the Chiplet has been here for over a month now. Crazy, right? He has brought with him sleepless nights and rushed meals, but also happy snuggles with the Fudgelet and excitement over watching him grow. Unlike the Fudgelet, I have not had to worry about his size at all. He started getting bigger right away and hasn’t stopped. At this rate, he will be bigger than the Fudgelet in no time (only sort of kidding). He is very different than the Fudgelet and brings with him his own challenges.

The Fudgelet wrote the words for his sign

For instance, he prefers sleeping near us. The Fudgelet was fine in his crib (even though he never slept well until more recently), but for this one we had to buy a cosleeper for the first week or so to get him okay with sleeping in his crib. He still is not a great sleeper, so I am kind of resigned to the fact that K and I make poor sleepers. Oh, and those poor sleepers also like to spit up a bunch. The Chiplet started earlier (around week 2) but got much better at controlling it, so even though it still gets messy, it has not been as bad as the Fudgelet, so I am grateful for that.

As I write this, the Chiplet is being worn for a nap. He woke up during this so I am trying to sway as I stand at the kitchen island to type, but he isn’t buying it.

Some milestones for the Chiplet:

  • He can roll belly to back
  • He outgrew his newborn clothes in 3 weeks (the Fudgelet was 6 weeks, and the Chiplet started off weighing less although was a bit taller)
  • He can hold his head pretty well
  • He does a little bit of an army crawl
  • He is very strong
  • He stares at us and tracks us easily, and is also aware of who each of us are
  • He has started to smile a little
  • He has started grabbing at things with his hands

Let me end this here since I have a toddler who wants to play and a newborn who is hopefully getting sleepy.

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