Fudgelet Adventures (part 11): Toddler Games and Crafts

Over the summer and into the fall, the Fudgelet and I were busy doing lots of activities since some days we couldn’t play outside or with friends for various reasons (travel, colds, bad air from wildfires nearby, etc.). So we worked on some skills such as holding crayons properly, writing some letters, coloring, gluing, and using scissors. I didn’t get pictures of everything, like this car game we made after seeing the one from Sarah at Frugal Fun.

He liked the game for playing and also likes racing cars on its track. Dual purpose!

Another game we made was this farm game…

All we did was take squares of construction paper and glue them in a random pattern on the board (we were using the insides of boxes, like cereal ones), then added some stickers we had. The big stars send you back to the smaller stars of the same color, just to make the game a bit trickier. We use Lego people as our markers.

And I happened to have dice from a math game that work really well for him since they are so big.

We also made a monkey puppet. He had more fun making it than playing with it, but it was a way of filling a long morning (he woke up extra early that day).

I think the pictures show the process/pieces clearly enough. I had found a similar one online but it didn’t have directions and wasn’t clear in looking at it. It also didn’t look like the paper bag-style puppets I had seen before, so I made this one more like the ones I was used to as a kid.

Another recycled craft was making a car tunnel since he has been obsessed with tunnels lately. I used old gift wrap tubes and a tissue box broken apart for the track. It flattens out on the bottom and the cars fly out. You can see them come down at the first opening which adds to the fun. Our tubes are small so our larger cars don’t work, just some of the regular Matchbox-sized ones.

Then we made slime, which was easy, especially with his pretend baking set. One bottle of glitter glue mixed with 1/2 Tablespoon of baking soda, then add 1-2 Tablespoons of contact solution to help make it less sticky. Add less of the solution than you think since it will get less sticky over time as well.

When it started, it was a little too sticky for him, but then he realized it came right off his hands easily because it sticks to itself. Crisis averted!

We brought in some animal friends that would “sleep” in slime blankets or play hide and seek. Then they started blasting off and flying down with slime rockets and slime parachutes.

I hope you found these fun to look at or maybe even make yourself!

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